Shy people and lucidity, link?

I recall people telling me that when they walk and a croud stares at him he “forgets” how to walk, I experienced this in my early years because I was born in a good family and my heart was very kind and tender but hear me, what if this is a response from the mind or the soul(consciousness) to shut down the body because its recieving too much psychological trauma? Could this be related to wild? Can psycological trauma or embarrassing events be the door to wild?

After practicing ADA my heart got darker and nowadays I don’t care about people as before, so LDing may be much deeper than what we grant it for, although I’m just 1 person so please post your experience.

Edit: not to sound wierd, the reason I said it make my heart dark is because being in the moment distances me from useless lingering feelings, making me noticeably colder but not necessarily mean.

Interesting, I’m unsure as to what sort of reply you want from this but as someone who gets embarrassed over pretty much anything, I’m rather intrigued. :tongue:
Maybe if I try recalling an embarrassing event whilst trying to WILD I will be able to achieve SP, in affect, helping me achieve WILD. Not sure how this would work because being ‘embarrassed’ is usually only something you experience in social events; I don’t think you would be able to replicate these circumstances on your own at like 4 AM.

But still this could be used in the future maybe? Activate the part of the brain that is linked with embarrassment in order to shut the body down faster, used as an aid to WILD. Nice topic, surprised nobody else has posted on this yet.

Shyness makes you forget how to walk? All I know is that I am extremely nervous when walking around in public. If I believe a group of people, usually teenagers might focus their attention on me, I get so nervous and shaky as I’m walking that It becomes very difficult, and just gets worse when I actively attempt to walk right… From this though, I’m not really sure how you could relate that to LDing.

A man once told me that when we become conscious of something we usually do naturally without having to think about it, it becomes more difficult to do. Our subconscious is far more effecient than our conscious is. So it’s not really forgetting, its more like remembering and putting too much attention towards it, rather then letting it happen naturally.

Are you aware of Mindful CBT?

You might find it interesting: … ss_cbt.php

Hm. that does look interesting. That is definately something I’d like to look at.

Although I’m not quite sure if that would work for trauma. I’ve been dealing with this kind of thing my entire life, but I have not had any issues with people since my early teenage years. I guess my subconscious is just thoroughly convinced that people always have negative intentions, or think poorly of me even though that isn’t true. I’ve gotten all kinds of help about it, and im even consciously accepted that I am not always the center of attention, nor do i have a reason to be to others. People aren’t always thinking about me, and it’s highly likely that they don’t even think me different than any other individual that walks by. I’m aware of this, but it seems that there’s no escaping some kinds of trauma.

Though to be more direct about the topic, I’d think that if you’re thinking about something like this, you’d be trying to shut out everything around you, which might prevent you from going lucid, as you’re trying not to pay attention to your surroundings. You naturally want other things to occupy your thoughts, so you’d just give in to your dreams and accept them rather than not. Or so goes my perspective.

I do find that waking from nightmares, it is not too difficult to go back to sleep (which is a pain for me, because I ALWAYS chain when my dreams are interrupted.) But I don’t often seem to go lucid thereafter. I’ve found that fear, even if you’re lucid, persists. For me at least, I don’t even consciously understand why I’m afraid, and I’m not in fear when I wake, but as soon as I fall back asleep, the fear overtakes me again.

Though perhaps I’m going in the wrong direction. I was shy when I was really young aswell , but it was more of a happy shy. I can’t really explain it. It wasn’t that I was directly afraid of people, but yes, I guess embarrasment.

I’m not really sure that I’m contributing to this much… I kind of feel like right now I’m replying just to post a lot of words.

Yea don’t sweat it, I see where you’re coming from with that.
This in an interesting topic indeed I’ll have to stick around.