Sick induced lucid dreaming ?

I wonder if you sick you induce more LDs or it’s the opposite, makes your dreams to be very blur.

It depends. What you’re suffering from, as well as who you are.

I’m quite certain it could be used both ways - Some people might be able to use it to induce more vivid dreams and LDs, while others might be suppressed by it, having their dream recall devastated.

Well… If I’m feverish, my dreams get weirder if anything. It’s been a while though. I had a cold about a month ago and that just made my LD’s inconsistent. I suppose for others waking up constantly from illness might benefit them, but not me personally. Kinda hard to be aware in your dreams when you’re out of it in real life.

If it doesn’t hinder Dream recall, it usually works, in the sense that often a sick person lest go of his/hers intention of LD’ing until after the sickness, and they have the “Letting-go induced lucid dream”, which happens to those who decide to suspend any LD’ing practice for a week or two. If they continue while they’re sick, however, there could be a temporary change in the mindset, that could or could not help with LD’s, depending on the illness and the person.

oh , cool…
I have a throat infection… and I still want to have a Ld but I’m not going to do some practicing…

It’s not that easy: things can come to you if you let them. That means you must completely forget about LD’s for a while, and completely stop trying. Otherwise, better be practicing some tech anyway.

Does anyone know how depression effects dreams? The winter’s coming, it’s getting dark and sooner or later, this will cause certain people to be depressed.

There was a topic on that:
Can Depression Hinder an LD?

I also have a theory that in the winter you have more chances to have a LD .
My first LD was without trying , in the winter , it was raining and the blanket was warm adn relaxing…

About LDs when sick-I always have TONS of short LDs when Im sick.
Dont know why

The longest and most vivid dream I’ve ever had was a few years ago when I was really sick with a really bad cough and flu and something else… I wasn’t really in a very deep sleep, and the dream seemed to last all night. I think the sickness was kind of keeping me partly awake, so I kind of knew I was awake and dreaming at the same time… too bad I wasn’t into lucid dreaming back then.
So yes, maybe being sick can affect our dreams…

When I sick I remember more dreams…

My sick dreams are usually less conscious than normal. They feel like scenes or thoughts that are stuck in a loop, and it is very hard to break that loop. There is no recurring dreamsign in my fever dreams, but if i am nauseous…the dreams become disgusting!

I’ve been told from several dreamers that they have lucid dreams when sick. When I have a fever, I’ll actually be very lucid, but the dream content will be even more bizarre than usual, and I will often feel fear. I’m also very lucid when I’m nauseous, but the nausea will manifest itself into my dream. I believe that I’m very lucid when I’m feverish and nauseous because I’ll sleep “lighter” than usual, even in REM sleep. Having a cold or similar without a fever doesn’t seem to affect my lucidity.