Sigil-Induced Lucid Dream

Agreed. :smile:

I think you struck gold here, altough I havn’t had a full lucid dream from this method (I’m realy skeptic all day long so at night it kinda looses so only WILD had a good effect on me and also kinda rarely), since I began working with the sigils my dreams drastically improved, in the first night it was like a regular dream but my I could remember a lot more information from my dream, in the second night my dreams became a lot clearer and the dream recall also improved and last night my dreames became very vivid and clear, and the dream recall extremely improved as I can remember about 70% of my dreams last night as opposed to about 15% in every regual night, I guess that very soon I will become aware that I’m dreaming.

The bottom line - This method is highly recommended, and from what Iv’e seen, it have a very high success rate.
Thanks Genkai!

Glad to help, exshade. For those of us that get driven mad by MILD, such as I, this is probably the way to go. :happy:

Finally I get it. Brilliant!

Well, I completely forgot to report my results! In fact, I forgot about my dream completely until seeing this thread and remembering sigils.

I wasn’t lucid, but in hindsight, all I had ‘asked’ of the sigil was to remember my last dream of the night in vivid detail. And I did. It was, in fact, the most detailed and life-like dream that I can remember.

Albeit, I have been eating bananas, self-hypnotizing, etc., etc., but I believe the sigil and consequent autosuggestion did most of the work.

I’m going to try it again, tonight (as I was unable to yesterday).

Good luck tonight, Ultimate. This time make your Sigil a bit more specific. :happy:

Another question :tongue:
Do I have to make a new sigil everytime the effects are weaker?
And if doing every night another sigil can improve results?

Yes and yes. Whenever you have a dryspell, just make another one. :happy:

Cool, thanks once again!

It didn’t work for me last night. But it says this week, so I have six more tries. If it doesn’t work, I can try agin Sunday.

Haha thanks for the bump.
I now have a new technique to attempt to get my first LD.

Awesome. Thanks for this! Just great! :happy:

Thank you thank you thank you!

I hadn’t had any LD’s last two weeks, and so I tried this.
IT WORKED!! Immediately, same night, first try!

Was a short LD though, but still!

Thanks for posting in this old topic! Now it is reborn. This looks really interesting, I want to try it too :smile:.

Would this be effective for people who have never had a LD before?

Yes, I think so. Why not try this combined with other methodes?

It worked for me: I had a LD ( but lasts only 10 sec) and I could remember other 3 ND in the same night!

So far no lucid dreams, but I am getting amazing clarity on my dreams. I can remember almost all of the dreams I’ve had without even writing them down! Of course, now I have a problem with writing them down now…

I don’t really understand this… Now, I have to create a sigil that doesn’t need to have an obvious meaning, I understand that, but how exactly do I “charge” a sigil? Can I charge it right before attempting WILD?

I usually make a bit of relaxation excercises before trying to WILD. As I understand, I could perhaps focus on that sigil then, remember it, and then I should try to forget it?

i do NOT know how to do self hypnosis :sad: i know meditation though…can that work? :eek: or even better is it the same thing??? :woah: <<< LOL