Sigil-Induced Lucid Dream

Well I did it, Ill let you know the results. This is so cool. Now let me see if I did it right…

I wrote… I Wish to have Lucid dreams this week.

I crossed out repeated letters, made a symbole from the remaining letters

Then I charged it, I visulized the symbole, and having LDs.

Then I destroyed it.

Is that right?

Perfect, Kavaa. And whenever you have a dryspell all you have to do is make another. :cool:

my question was more about things other than lucidity actually

i would wager lucid dreams are probably some of the best places for “magick” but this requires extremely high knowledge and expertise.

:yay: W00t! Just had a really long Sigil LD with high lucidity! My first good LD in my whole life! Eat that, WILD! :tongue:

To answer your Q holy reality, when it comes to Sigils vs Autosuggestion in matters besides Lucid Dreaming, I still think that the messages to your Subconscious are a bit stronger with Sigils because of the creation process. They both work fine, heck they even work good when used together, but I still have a gut feeling that Sigils are better.

Yesterday I did another Sigil because i wanted and I had a LD xD

I remember it was very clear and long but i cant remember much of it… Just parts of it because my DR was/is very bad atm.

Note. Snow isn’t cold in my dreams, and it doesn’t taste anything :tongue:

Congrats again Poppp. Hopefully that DR will be back soon. Hell, make a Sigil to help that, too!

This sigil thing sounds pretty weird, but I might try it out once, since people have been getting great results with it in this thread.

Another inquiry then about manifestation, what of prayer? I think it could be the most powerful of all if someone has deep faith in who they are praying to (whomever they wish including their own self).

I know because all the really powerful manifestations are happening to a devout Christian I know, and she and others are basically living jobless via prayer manifestations. It is quite remarkable.

edit: I have crafted a mantra using the sigil technique which I will try for MILD.

My will is that it will very quickly bring me into the dreamstate upon falling asleep, rather than dozing off with the potential to lose consciousness, but I more or less practice MILD / WILD every night and generally am lucid every night that I really want to be.

My will is for this to greatly amplify lucidity.

Yes, holy reality. Some people use the Sigil process to create mantras, and they work as well.

Now prayer is really just using intention, belief, and a little delusion to get your desires. But you don’t see any Prayer-Induced Lucid Dreams, do you? :wink:

i think in Tibetan Dream yoga one can devote a prayer to a particular deity that represents clarity within deep sleep.

That’s a very nice deity to forge in the collective-unconscious.

Better than the crazy God in the Christian Old Testament. That dude was whack! Flooding the earth, plagues, that guy should’ve been fired a long time ago. He must have connections.

Keep up the Sigilwork everyone!

A question ~~ when crossing out repeated letters, do you leave the first letter and cross out all the remaining repeated letters, or cross out the orignial too. For example, I WILL LUCID DREAM, do you cross out the i in lucid or both the first I and also the i in lucid??

You keep one of each letter. In I WILL LUCID DREAM, you would have I WL UCD REAM

*I fixed the guide to be more clear on this part. Thanks a bunch for bringing that mistake to my attention, Ocean!

Thank you!


No wonder this hasn’t been working for me!


Sorry bout that, everyone!

the sigil thing didnt work for me :sad: some help plzzz! i did everything right… i thought… lol

Hasn’t worked for me either.

The gnostic state is wonderful though… when I do it I just feel like I could fall asleep right away.

If visual sigils aren’t exactly your cup of tea, you can take the letters and form a short mantra to repeat in your head. You can get creative with this, and just try many methods of S(igil)ILD to find one that works for you.

I had a mildly good LD using it last night, thanks for posting :happy: