Sigil-Induced Lucid Dream

So… when you say “destroy” the sigil do you mean completely disavow any knowledge of it ever existing? I burned it and then promptly paper shredded it and cannot remember a single thing about what I wrote.

Perfect, Hurricane. Burning, slicing, and otherwise mutilating the Sigil will suffice. If you can’t remember what it looked like or what it was for, great! Your work is done. :woot:

ok so just to clarify:

i’m NOT supposed to like keep it under my bed or something? Just make it then nuke it to hell?

NUKE. IT. TO. HELL. :devil:

I’m just making a bunch, and charging them friday =D

Good on you mate. While you work some cool LD Sigils, I’ll just stick to listening to KOЯN and working on my card magic. :grin:

Is there any scientific reasoning behind this? Although I didn’t get an LD last night, I have a very vivid ND and was close to lucidity. /me always demands scientific reasoning.

It works because it raises confidence, uses both Visual/Mantra-based Subconscious Messaging that make it better than MILD IMO, and the Placebo Effect. Usually one of these three factors cause spontaneous LDs, and once you have your first, and your belief that you can actually Lucid Dream is there, you will experience a higher frequency. Forgetting it also prevents people from trying too hard and spoiling their results. :content:

Yep, that seems reasonable. Actually, after I “charged” my sigil and burned it, I’ve been having vivid life-like dreams every night in which I have full control. I used to always hear stories of ,“WHOAH this method really works!” But I’ve actually had the best success with this. It’s as if I tricked my body into believing I WILL have vivid lucid dreams every night.


Fantastic that my method ended up helping you with your Lucid Dreams!

I’m currently experimenting with a variation I call WBTS. :happy: Wake up early in the morning, make a Sigil, charge it, and go back to bed. Because you created it in the Hypnopompic State when your SC is active, it would work immediately. When you wake up you will have already forgotten it. :cool:


why haven’t i done this yet?

later today, i swear i will

Good luck, TRJR.
*Genkai knows that TRJR can do it! :colgate:

Don’t forget people, when burning/nuking to hell/otherwise mutilating your Sigil, take necessary safety measures.
*Genkai doesn’t enjoy being sued.


I’m wondering, how well do people think it would work if I tried this in conjuction with WBTB?

If I make the sigil during the day and then when I wake up (I’ll be pretty much in gnosis anyway) I’ll charge it and then annihilate it and then go straight back to sleep.

mayhap I’ll try this at the weekend.

(sorry if someone mentioned this earlier, long post + bad real life memory!)

K, so i just made my sigil, it’s awesome.

I used food colouring and painted it on to rice paper, this is gonna be the tastiest Magik ever.
Looks good too, it almost seems a shame that I’m going to have to eat it and then forget it ever existed.

Maybe it needs more sugar? and some of those little silver balls?

wanders off to raid a bakery shop

I’ve heard of burning it. I’ve heard of nuking it. But eating it? Genius.

That’s great! Making Sigils cookies and eating them! :happy:
Let’s see MILD get this fun.

If this one doesn’t work i’m using fairy cakes and blue icing next.

I can just imagine someone walking in on me in a gnostic trance staring at a fairy cake, they’d think I was completely mental.

Hell, if I walked in and saw me doing that I’d think I was mental! :crazy:

Heh. Great creativity there, burning_idle. I need to make some Sigil Cakes.

(200 posts…:ebil:)

That works well but the eating it is good but if you spend so long designing it then preparing it for eating i think it would be very had to forget what it meant. I suggest being very creative very fast and writing quick on paper then lighting the paper on fire :clown: :crazy:. Not only will you not remember it very well you will have some Fire :clown: :crazy: to help you forget.

Fire = Distraction = forget & FUN

Well, the design itself you can squiggle on real quick, and eating a tasty cake is more fun than burning paper, and more child friendly.

Did you never read the back of match packets! Fire kills children!

Anyways I DILDed last night after eating up the sigil, That’s my fourth ever LD and the first one that I think I’ve geniunely brought about on purpose!