Sigil-Induced Lucid Dream

Sounds ritualistic. Sounds magical. Thoroughly heretic. I like it.
At least the designing will be so interesting that it, alone, could inspire one to have Lucid Dreams. I have but one question: Does it wear out? As in, does the effect reduce in time and then there will be point where you need another sigil?

As for it wearing out, whenever you have a LD drought you can just make another one. Simple enough. :wink: Good question, Slave.

Wow I think this is really working :open_mouth:

Tonight I had the best LD yet because of this… I even had two LD’s.

Yesterday I wrote up “It is my will to have a lucid dream tonight” in my own language, removed repeating letters and formed a picture and charged it, then just went to bed without thinking about it.

And the night i had a small lucid dream, but i woke up very fast so I cant count that as a lucid dream. But when i went back to bed (no school today :wink:), i had the best LD yet :content: It lasted so loong and I did lots of things like flying with chickens, punching people so they started to beat me up (wanted to see if i couldfeel pain, which i couldnt btw) and so much more.

The best part was, in the end it felt like i had done everything that i could think of (didn’t think of teleporting or anything, just went around in my town) so i went back to my house, told my parents my clothes were broken because of a LD (think it was starting to becoming a ND here) and when I got to my room i waked up :happy:

Thanks for this, first real good LD i’ve had in weeks :content:)
Everyone should try this… But follow the instructions good even though it may be alot to read.

EDIT. Whoa, little more text then i expected it to be… Well i needed to write this off, this technique seems to be working on me.

Amen, Poppp. Keep the Sigils alive. :grin:

How do you achieve gnosis?

Best ways IMO are meditation, self hypnosis, spinning, and contemplating paradoxes. And you?


Seemed to work when I tried it…I wanted to see a Harley Davidson as an experiment and I saw a couple in the next few days…how often do you see a HD?

I suppose that’s always one way to do it. :tongue:

Never really. Either good luck or damned good sigilwork. Awesome.

For anyone that cares, Sigils can be implemented for any intention, not just LDs. :cool: Give it a shot.

I’m having trouble making a sigil! It has the letters VUCRMTSK… I’m having trouble with the K and R.

The best way to create sigils is just to play around, like a child in art class. These are specific symbols of power for you; no one else needs to be able to recognize your intentions for these symbols so don’t worry about perfection. There is no right or wrong. (From )

Just play around, let your creativity show, and remember that, technically, (Ahem), you don’t need to use all of the letters. One of the steps crucial to the visualization process is minimizing the image to a small glyph and cutting off the rest. Check out Tsondru’s really helpful link in the first post for additional assistance.

thanks, I did it okay - it looks like a ball (or a faceless smiley) with a plastic cup for a hat. The cup has like a cross on it… I have all the letters in it too!

Okay, the next step is…

Now to charge it. Reach a concentrated state of mind and then destroy it and let your SC do the rest.

Now to charge it. Reach a concentrated state of mind and then destroy it and let your SC do the rest.

What the heck is the Gnostic State?

A focused but still relaxed state, kind of like hypnosis. Many ways to induce it, spinning, listening to music, sex, exercise, etc.

hmm… I’m gonna be contemplating paradoxes, I know a little bit about them.

I just did that and I was so relaxed I could have just fallen asleep on the spot! It was cool. how long should it take for me to get the message into my SC?

Meh, a few minutes tops. Don’t try too hard. As long as the belief and the intention are there, the effect will follow. Sigils are like The Secret on speed. :colgate:

Don’t forget to destroy it and forget! It’s the most fun part. :happy:

I didn’t have an LD,but that’s probably because I did it only for like, 30 seconds! I’m gonna try again tonight.

Good luck, Li. I’ll make a sigil to help your sigil. :happy:

why this over autosuggestion, especially talking to the subconscious about what you want (proper language being HAVE) while dozing off to bed, waking up from dreams, etc?

i’ve tried sigils before, not entirely too seriously, but i think a more interesting way is to use each night’s sleep as a chance to program reality.