Sigil-Induced Lucid Dream

Ah. Therein lies your problem: your attitude. :wink:

Note how you phrased your problem.

If you don’t believe that you will go into hypnosis, it will not work.

The three steps:

I. Misdirected Attention

II. Belief

III. Expectation

As long as you fulfill those three fields, you will go into hypnosis. That’s it. Simple, so simple in fact that people make too much of a fuss about doing it the “right way” and don’t relax enough for it to work.

There are some good Hypnosis MP3s on the Internet, but I don’t have any links on hand. Just search around a bit; they’re there.

This is quite a bit like The Secret on speed. Not to say I’m a believer of The Secret, but you know I like to keep an open mind. Heaven knows there’s so many things we’ve yet to discover, and we hardly know everything about the subconscious mind.

Just finished making a sigil and, while drawing–that is, making it purty–I charged it. This ‘gnosis’ state (it’s like a trance, no?) is something I can bring on at will sometimes by drawing distractedly.

I then burned it and ta-da! I’m ready to go to sleep. Will report with results in the morning.

Does that sound about right, Genkai?

Nice execution, Ultimate. Burning it makes it oh so much more effective and an estimated 30 percent more badass.

Good job, I can’t wait for your results in the morning. :happy:

Could you please elaborate?

EDIT: Forgot to mention what Psipog is. It’s widely regarded as the best site on “Psi”, an invisible energy like Ki, Chi, Prana, whatever. It is the largest propagator of the Psi Belief System.

Sean Connely was the creator of Psipog. After reading his Blog,, his credibility began to wane a bit. His most recent Blog post that I remember was headlined I am Probably Insane. His only real posts on his Youtube account smlefo are politically-oriented and two of him using his “powers” to win $50 from the lottery.

Abruptly shutting down such a… fishy website (Psipog) on the grounds that it fulfilled its purpose didn’t help either. Majority of the people on the Psipog forum were DragonBall Z obsessed hopefuls between the ages of eleven and thirteen trying to assemble psiballs with the power of their minds. Therefore any hope of the forum itself constituting evidence is, in effect, shot to Hell. :meh: Even he said, in his reasons for closing the site, that he never had any success with Psi excluding Astral Projection.

The videos, the only remaining scrap of potential truth on the site, could have been easily, and I mean easily, faked. I, being an experienced Magician, could tell you that nothing in that section constitutes what could even be mistaken for evidence. Even they mention that the videos will not prove anything to anyone, just strengthen the hope that current believers have in Psi. I smell a hoax.

Of course, I always value Subjective Experience, but my only progress in this imaginary field, during the course of multiple months, was having my hands’ muscles freeze up while trying to make an energy ball. Bollocks, did that waste my time… PK Wheels prove nothing, they are entirely too sensitive to use them as grounds that you have Extrasensory powers.

Now I’m sure that there are things that lie beyond the scope of our senses, but Psi? As far as I’m concerned, it’s not one of them. Hate to be a stickler here, but I want evidence.

But Science doesn’t have the technology to detect it!

Call me back when it does, because until then, I’m not going to spend my valuable time on some Psychic things that most likely don’t exist.

The Conspiracy Theory thing:

That Scientists have already found it and don’t want people to know about it or something to that effect. It was fabricated to make Psi followers feel special, I suppose.

Those that believe that they did get results, it was likely a hallucination of sorts under hypnosis, and going under hypnosis is the only real byproduct of the commonly accepted steps to make a psiball. Misdirected attention, belief, expectation, it’s all there. I believe that Mr. Connely fits this bill. Didn’t seem like he was lying in his anecdotes, maybe he is simply insane like his blog post alluded to. Others may have simply been lying for attention, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Again, no offense intended to any, just putting my experience out there.

Uhh… Keep up the Sigilwork everyone. :good:

Hmmm, I was a big fan of PsiPog until a while ago when I lost interest because I was having no success except with feeling a gravitational pull between my hands when making a “PsiBall.” Like yourself. The only reason I’m saying this is that I think I just found a way to go into a hypnosis-like state and focus on a sigil. Cool.

Havn’t yet done it properly (BTW thanks for the tips)
But for the last two nights since I first tried it (tried it wrong) but altough I didn’t had LD my dreams were very clear (which is something rare to me) and I remember myself being obsessive about the sigils and seen the sigils Iv’e drawn in real life in my dream, so even if I didn’t quite did it right (I guess tonight I will do it right) it is showing signs that it might just work.

Well, even if you tried it “wrong”, as long as you believed it would work, it would still work, just not as well. Glad to hear that it may be having a good effect on your normal dreams as well. :happy:

Could someone explain to me what the heck this is all about? What is a sigil (I’m not english :razz:) and is this technique all about? I try reading the first post but I understand nothing. Sure, I understand the words but I can’t put it to something that actually makes sence. I should draw a little something to…???

Could someone explain to me what the heck this is all about? What is a sigil (I’m not english :razz:) and is this technique all about? I try reading the first post but I understand nothing. Sure, I understand the words but I can’t put it to something that actually makes sence. I should draw a little something to…???

Basicly it creating a symbol (or image, still the same) which is a message for your subconscious to have lucid dream that encrypted like an image that your subconscious will learn, it like autosuggestion, but far more effective (or at least supposed to be)

No prob, MovieMe. :razz:

To start off, a Sigil is a picture that stands for what you want to do.

In the Sigil-Induced Lucid Dreaming technique, you get the Sigil to stand for your intention to have Lucid Dreams.

This is done by taking your intention and turning it into a sentence like “I will have a Lucid Dream.” Afterwards, you need to put it in picture form, so you take the individual letters and make them into a small picture that you can easily visualize. Just take some of the letters and make a doodle.

Next you imagine your picture in a focused state of mind so your Subconscious gets the message.

Lastly, you destroy the picture and forget about it so you don’t end up trying too hard.

Your Subconscious will allow you to realize that you are dreaming without you having to do a thing.

One more question (and hopefuly last), by forgeting do you mean stop thinking about the sigil or realy forgeting it so you can’t recreate the image in your mind anymore?

Both, actually, exshade.

You don’t really need to forget that you ever made it, though that works even better. Just stop trying to think about it and let the Sigil go into Long Term Memory where your Subconscious can eat it up like Ice Cream. :grin:

Oh thanks.
BTW in order to maximize my results Iv’e installed a program that flashes images onto the screen many time for very brief moments, it suppose to blast my subconscious with the sigils without actualy allowing me to look at them and remember them, do you think this might work?

The Subliminal Blaster? Love it. Works really well even though it can get distracting sometimes.

Oh I used another program called Subliminal Images, it supports images rather then text, but could be cool to combine both graphic and mantric sigils

It supports Images? That’s amazing! Makes the Technique easy as hell, too.

*Genkai goes to download Subliminal Images.

Probably the two most useful LD software :smile:

Agreed. :smile: