Sign ups for Vampiregame 31

I want this game to start!

I wanted a cool personal signature icon like Ysim got, too :smile:

/me has tried to get an own smiley as well :razz:

hello i would like to has joins this game?

[u]Vampiregame 15[/u] - GM: :bat: BaYoNeTTe :bat:1. Wulf

  1. Magnus
  2. Download
  3. GHOSTIE11
  4. Puce
  5. Opolious
  6. Ysim
  7. Ansie
  8. BlueAndWhite
  9. GreenDragon
  10. Slanderous
  11. Unseen_Eye
  12. Mars
  13. moogle :moogle: as long as it ends before the 9th dec otherwise there is a small danger i may idle
  14. undecidedman

moogle, can you dig out the ghost smiley :tongue:

don’t look now … but the above post is haunted! :scared:

^Sorry, but I saw that post :razz:

Let the game begin!

/me throws some popcorn to the Zombie

/me munches.

noms on the femurs of all who voted for me

aww gives opo some popcorn to comfort him

When I said to kill me, I was being a little sarcastic…

You didn’t have to take it THAT seriously…

Not everyone took it serious >_>. Why are you so selfish, making others kill another villager? Tsk :tongue:

Meh, I was bound to die anyways :tongue:

YAY! DOWNLOAD! Welcome to the club!

hello Op
you have a new playmate :smile:

yay playmates!

Vampiregame 16 signups :bat: GM: ???

  1. GHOSTIE11

Vampiregame 16 signups bat GM: ???

  1. GHOSTIE11
  2. undecidedman

Vampiregame 16 signups :bat: GM: ???

  1. GHOSTIE11
  2. undecidedman

There is something called quote :wink: