Site was down,- 2 weeks of posts lost :(

HOLY CRAP! I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT! NOOOOOOo! I hope moogle don’t read this :cry:

Say if someone didn’t clean their temporary internet files we could restore some of the lost stuff…

i had a long talk with support yesterday.

they said this was the first thing something like that happened to them - all RAID things had failed at once. I don’t know what RAID is but it sounds serious :grin:

it was the first time for them to have the backup lost as well, normally if something goes down they always have a backup from the day before.

Yes, i suspect it was hackers too… :neutral:

btw, they have offered me one month of free hosting as compensation.

Yesterday they where busy installing all kinds of new stuff for protection and updated firewalls and what not, so that’s why everything was so slow and acted weird.

it looks like today everything is OK again…

oh darn, moogles post has disappeared :cry: It was one of my favourite posts :cry:

wow that :cry: :cry: smilie really comes in handy now.

I have never tried to to a backup with GZIP, maybe indeed this will compress it more… FYI - the last backup (no GZIP) was 168 MB.

Yeah that sucks all that info was lost.
So many questions unanswered and probably now forgotten. oh well I guess everything happens for a reason.

I’m just glad the site is back up and running. :grin:

:wiske: No matter what happens something good comes out of it. When I couldn’t get to the site I looked at Sealife and the OLD forum where the ip numbers where shown…and I recnogized quite a few names. It was interesting to see the “birth” of the site. :peek:

Hey alteast it was only 2 weeks of data lost. What if it was a couple of months to a years worth. That would really be crappy.

Oh, so THAT’s why the forum didn’t work yesterday.

cowers at thought of new post count

Well, let’s get discussing people!

Hm, this kinda sux. Didnt visit forum for 1 day and now all al lost for 2 weeks :eh: oh well i suppose there are worse things… :wink:

We now know how a lucid bonsai forum feels like!
Well its terrible anyway :cry: but we will recover! Iam sure of it!


It doesn’t change a lot for the Dutch forum, now you feel like I do :content:

i don’t see how backing up the “forums, posts, members” would take that much space :meh: are you backing up more than you need to?

That said you do have a large forum and yes you should back up with Gzip.

Pasquale, i don’t know if you know this already but worth posting. I asked a friend who also runs a phpbb forum, this is what he said.

hope that helps.

thanks, yes that is a good idea, to backup just the post info - indeed that saves a lot - the search_word thing takes up a huge amount of space.

Maybe your friend, or our other phpbb guru who helped with the strange error (sorry, can’t remember your name) can tell me how to backup directly from the shell account, i assume there is some kind of backup command, just like the restore command i used to restore the DB after the move.

i assume i have to close the forum for a while when backing up. I wonder if it hurts to do the backup command with the forum still up and running.

Its weird, i dont know what to post, b/c all of my thoughts were alraedy posted. I go to view my posts, and its old topics that i stop looking at weeks ago, or i actually looked for old topics and responded to them as-well as new ones. Im just stuck now, im not sure what i want to talk about now :cry: , these people really threw me off…damn Hackers :grrr:

i just did a backup with gzip, directly from the server - and behold, it is only 12MB :cool_laugh:

pasquale = devil

posts: 666 :eh:

Unbelievable :eek: And great news too :cool_laugh:

:devil: ? ?

:peek: 667

lol heheh the devil in this forum!!
Hey, 12 mb, that’s HUGE! (For text only I mean)
This forum’s bigger than I thought!

too bad about the posts :cry: I was looking foreward to getting caught up, but oh well, the good thing about Ld4all is the posts just keep coming :happy:

Wait a min… we have a special rank for devil at 666 posts? I didn’t know that! :biggrin: If there is one… I’m looking forward to become devil soon :content:

Oh did I say that out loud? Oh darn it! :cool: