Sixth Lucidity Challenge is here!! - Winner: Queen SD!

Count me in.

Sign me up please.


I mean you’re in

Weekend’s coming up, ive already had one LD this week so… why not? :grin:
Sign me up :nuu: :ebil:


SPOILER - Click to view

awww i am BEGGING you, please let there be a pineapple challenge :tongue:

Weekends here, I would try. Would you sign me up?

So when is this going to start? :confused:

2 more to go.
SD, will consider.

Come on people, sign up! Today’s Saturday, the only day we can sleep in, dont miss it! If we dont make by tonight we’ll have to have a LD on monday which trust me isnt easy at all! :help:

sign me up too,

I feel like this time will be good!

onorm is with the Order now.

OH COME ON PEOPLE!!! Just one more to go! :grin:
Anyone who signs up gets to join the Dark SiDe!! :nuu: :ebil:

/me signs up

For the lucidity challenge that is, not the dark side. :razz:

Awww come one, you’re gonna get free cookies! :grin:

So… now what do we do, when do we start?

Eh… where is dimsya? It’s been about a week since s/he was last on…

Slots are full,
It was a lot less the a week… couple days… I still waiting for my new comp…
SUNDAY MIDDAY… I will announce the frist task

You can congart me, I succeeded in WILD, from a dream state however… BUT WILD!!!

The quest will begin soon, I want to apologise to everyone who was waiting for me, I am watchin the topic… no emails came… and my comp was burned by the power of the mighty cookie!! well enough … SUNDAY MIDDAY !!!

The first challenge:
Deadline: wednesday noon.
Traveling through mirrors. It was fun for me,
Become lucid - 50 points
travel through a mirror to a different location - 25 points per each mirror
teleport to Dole Plantation of Pineapples in Hawaii - 75 points
break a miror and cut youself - 15 points
get stuck in a mirror -15 points
go through a mirror and end up on the other side of the mirror - 10 points
say hello to yourself in a mirror - 10 points

Well that’s gonna be an easy 75 points for me :lol:
Hehe, my ebil plan of brainwashing people with pineapples is working :nuu: :ebil:
Dole Plantation, beware, the queen of all pineapples is here :plotting: