Sleep Paralisys?

I’ve been trying to do a WILD for quite some time, and I was wondering if the feeling I was having was sleep paralisys or not.
It was something like this:
I’m laying down, I feel my whole body numb, when I try to move I feel something like an electric jolt, but I feel that if I move i’ll really move. and I can do it, of course.
I feel some vibrations on my back but somehow I dont feel sleepy, and kind of lose the notion of time. I stood there for some time but no HI, HS or whatsoever. The 3 times it happened it was during an afternoon nap. What do you think? :help:

That sounds like the sensation that occurs shortly before sleep paralysis. If you’re in SP, you will not be able to move at all.

right. thats strange. it didnt seem to continue into something else… any tips?

If it’s hard to focus for you, try i-doser LD’s mp3… helped me, but you can fall asleep much faster, since your mind will be completly free of thoughts. When you have those feelings, don’t try to move or open eyes, it can turn out badly (Lucid Nightmare), wait till you will start to see the dream and then try to ‘jump’ into it.

What I’ve heard is that when you feel sensations like that, you should ingore them and just keep counting, breathing, etc. If you are focusing on sleep paralysis and HI to much during WILDing, you wont really achieve it.

That’s right, sleep paralysis is just a phase, not a goal. If you keep waiting for SP to occur you won’t get past that phase and won’t LD. Just relax en let everything slip by as if you’re in a bus looking at the world pass by thing window without really analyzing things.

god. So I was right.
today I tried it again and got stuck at that, I kept thinking about sleep paralisys.
I’ll try doing what you guys said. One more question: I was thinking… how much time it usually takes for reaching a LD using WILD?
also, when does the HI begin? cuz I didnt have it.

Just keep your mind busy on something else like counting or creating an image in ur head and it should be all good.

As for how long it varies. Its different for everyone but expect somewhere between 5 - 30 min of time.

And HI is just a possibility of what can occur during the WILD process. You can get into a lucid dream without HI at all. If it doesn’t happen, don’t stress it.