Sleeping Positions

I’ve gotten closest to doing WILD while I was lying on my stomach, head to one side. I felt my body trying to test my brain to see if I was asleep yet and had the irresistible urge to swallow and turn my head. I stayed strong as long as i could cuz i was having HI and could feel my body falling asleep but my body won the fight and i involuntarily jerked over on to my other side. :wallhit: AARG! I knew I was so close, and I had just woken up from a really vivid and crazy dream, so I knew I was in a great state of mind to get lucid. Maybe next time.

I always fall asleep on my right side, all curled up.
Only when I’m having a hard time falling asleep, I may turn to my stomach or left side. :smile:

guys dont sleep on your sides. It can lead to TMS. woah deja vu. I think i already said this :eh:

Well, I normally sleep on my side. O.o But for WILD, the best position would be on the back.

1 question: WHY is the back the best. Anyone know? :eh:

I’m not sure. I am just accustomed to sleeping on my back. Maybe because your rib cage is spread out and not messed up when its turned to your side, also it’s like you were standing up so its used to it.

Perhaps you relax better while on your back with your weight evenly spread out, instead of it being pushed to one side when you sleep on your side.

I’m trying to sleep more on my back, but on one of my sides or on my stomach are more comfortable.

I usually sleep on my back or one of my sides. I often get SP easier when I sleep on my side and it’s more comfy that way :content:

it´s got to do with the shape of your spine, I cant find any reference to it but apparently theres a connection to keeping a straight spine to having more vivid dreams. Anyone that knows more about this or that can post a link to a source to this?

Who says it’s best to sleep on the back? I personally cannot fall asleep if lying on my back at all… But I’m wondering how sleep position could be related to LDing anyway…

It might be related because you usually induce lucid dreams on your back and not on your sides or on your stomach. You have to be able to sleep in bed in some kind of position.

reviving technique woosh
well… i usually sleep on my right side with one hand over and the other under my pillow. by the way… i use MILD most of the time so there’s no problem for me, but the times i used WILD i slept on my back because i can relaxe better on my back.
anyway… maybe you don’t know but the position which you sleep in may affect lucid dreaming… not lucid dreaming directly but indirectly because it helps you to remember your dreams. when you wake up and can’t remember anything it is good to switch positions which you lie in, in your bed because it helps the brain to remember the dreams you had in this position while sleeping and i think you know that you move a lot while sleeping :wink:

Ive heard that the way you sleep can effect how vivid and well you recall your dreams. Is this true? And if it is… Please inform me the correct way to sleep :grin:

Oh, and one more thing I need help with myself… I cant seem to ever notice the REM before I fall alseep, I try to keep my mind set on dreaming but I then cant fall alseep for some reason, so I end up giving in and just fall asleep thinking of random bullshit :woo:

Please help me if im doing anything wrong THANKS! :content:

I’m training myself to fall asleep on my back, but I always wake up on my side or stomach :confused:
I used to only have one comfortable position I can fall asleep in, now I’m so uncomfy in any position, it doesn’t matter how I’m sprawled out when I fall asleep.

i sleep on my back when i try to LD
i lie on my side when i go to bed normally
dose it feel weird if you are in bed on your side if your in an LD?

After suddenly waking up from a frightful dream, I figured out why I always had trouble falling asleep… my ideal sleep position is really random and involves me kind of turned to the right with my right hand just up by my head somewhere and my left hand on my stomach. After finding out what it was, I’m able to almost instantly get myself into sleep. That might be bad for WILD-ing if it happens too fast… but with my crazy schedule every second of sleep helps.

yeah i do, people belive that by laying on your back you can get “old hag”, and more likley to go into SP laying on your back, i always used to when trying to LD but i never di, but the once i was laying on my side trying for one, i got one, so yeah i think so

i sleep on my stomic but when trying for an ld i sleep on my back becasue i fall asleap in like 5 mins no matter what on my stomic on my back my body can be asleep as my mind stays awake

My natural sleeping position is usually on my left side, slightly curled up with my left arm underneath the pillow to support my neck. But when I’m napping (or occasionally when I’m out camping/over at a friend’s house) I usually crash on my stomach.

I try sleeping on my back when trying to LD, but it takes forever (comparatively) and I usually end up switching to my side so that I still get enough sleep; I’m trying to fight the urge, though, so I can work on WILD more.

Glad this topic got revived!