Sleepless in Syndey

hi guys, i just got into all this trying to gain lucidity stuff, i’ve been trying to remember dreams for a while but so far my dreams all seem very fragmented and short, very meaningless and blurred, there’s no set story and sometimes i seems that from the time i wake from a dream and write it down, i start thinking about things and probably not trying to tell myself to remember my dreams as i should be, and then i see a few flickers of what seems to be a dream…am i expected to write it down even though the time that transpired was probably less than an hour?

i’m just worried that im not dreaming properly and that i might be going about this all the wrong way

well, i have always been real good at remembering dreams, but my dream recall has actually increased when i started writing them down.

maybe you should write them down even if they dont seem interesting, or even if you dont remember much of them. i find that when i write them down i recall more of it than i remembered in the first place, and i might even remember forgotten dreams of that night that would have stayed forgotten had i not written down my other dreams.

thats how it works for me anyway, so if i was you id be writing down my dreams as soon as you wake up if you have the time.

thanks, write now each of my journal entries are about 3 words long… do you write them in the dark, because where i sleep the light switch is far away, so should i turn on the light and write or just write everything i remember in the dark?

haha well i usually wake up late in the morning/afternoon so its light enough to write. its up to you i guess, if your thinking about your dreams when you go to the light switch then you probably wont forget them. if you change your thought pattern completely and worry about what youve got to do in the day, then you might.

whenever i wake up and go back to sleep i just write down a word or 2 to remind me about the dream. so by the time i actually get out of bed i got maybe 6 or more dreams written down just 1 or 2 words. thats how i do it so i dont forget them , i expand on them after iv had a shower/breakfast and woken myself up.

if you dont have time in the mornings you could just write down a quick couple of words for each dream so you remember them later.

by the way, concentrate more on reality checks or whatever induction techniques you might try, dont get too hung up on not remembering your dreams. while dream recall might be important, i dont think youd forget a lucid dream if you had one, something like that should stick into your memory.

oh ok…thanks, i’ll have to read up on different induction techniques…thanks on that