Slowing Down Time in Lucidity

In a conscious dream, you can make time feel slower by simply thinking and doing more. The reason we have a sense of time in waking life is due to the activity in our brains…sometimes a minute feels like an hour, sometimes an hour like a minute.

Yes you could see the sun come up and down x times just by willing it to if your Lucid

The question I’ve been struggling with lately is how we can make statements like “A minute went by, and it felt like an hour”. Well, if an minute feels like an hour, what does an hour feel like? What does a day, a year?

Seriously what are we basing this on? Isn’t it possible that 3 years have gone by since I began this sentence? How can I even tell. I’m looking back up to the beginning of the paragraph, maybe its been an hour, or a couple of seconds, maybe I was born yesturday. Once the measurement of metric time fails to properly represent what it is supposed to, it should be acknowledged, not rationalized in some illogical circular reasoning.
Not that I know how to do that properly… I’m just ranting here…

But If rulers all were different sizes, we’d still probably say, “Wow, that foot long ruler is like 3 inches long!”

The idea that there is something constant about the base of time is formed on delusion.

Ah yes, nothing like a good rant! Hope you enjoyed :tongue:

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I was thinking about this time slowing stuff and in my opinion it’s possible to feel like dreaming for year but only if it’s a dream with some gaps and what you dream about is accually same events from this period of time. There reason why it isn’t possible otherwise is that our brain can’t work fast enough. But to some point we can be probably cheated be our own brain. If we take one year from our live there is uncountable amount of events that have happened and even more things that we have seen. It’s unimaginable to have it all in one dream but …we don’t remember much from the past. I am sure that it have to be much less than 1%. Let assume that it is 0.05%. It means that from approximately 16*365 hour of last year we remember just 16 *365 * 0.05% so it about 3 hours. So in 3 hours we could seen on TV screen for example all events from the past year that we remember well. If we take a lucid dream instead of TV than the illusion may appear that we have just dreamed for 1 year.

Here is another reason why I think that having dreams that lasts for years and lifetimes is not possible.

Imagine that you’re entire life had just been a dream and you had just woke up. This would be utterly devastingf for most poeple, and some probably couldn’t even cope with it. You would have a very difficult time adjusting to the real society and the new age and culture.

The same thing could happen if you went and dreamed for years and years tonight. The only way you could go through this would be for you to be Lucid. But our brains normally don’t expect us to be Lucid, so they wouldn’t be able to or wnat to create a dream of this length.

i read somewhere that a man at the lucid dreaming institue managed to slow down time in his dream and when he awoke, he said had experienced 100 years in the dream world in only two hours in the real world.

i also read that if you state you desire out loud in your dream that it would happen. so in theory, i could say in my dream “make one day here equal to one minute in the real world!” and then after an hour in the real world i would have had a 60 year dream! imagine…man i wanna become lucid BAAAAAD! :grrr: :cry:

Well, only if you’re a really slow typer.

Ok, so that wasn’t very funny. Anyway - You can tell through experience that time has to be pretty constant - otherwise all clocks, calendars etc. would be completely useless. We have defined a second as one-sixtieth of a minute, a minute as one-sixtieth of an hour, an hour as one twenty-fourth of a day, and a day as the time it takes the earth to rotate 360 degrees. So our time system does is based on something rational - presuming that the earth rotates at a constant speed. And even if time did speed up or slow down - there would be no way you would be able to observe that, since your brain is a part of time to.

More on-topic though, I don’t think it’s possible to genuinely slow time down in a dream, but it could be possible to make it feel like it is slowed down.

ummm i just have one quick question. Why slow us down when we could speed us up.

ok reason being. Slow us down and we move slower and act slower and do things slower when rt is passing just as quick there for the dream is actually shorter. If we speed us up we would be moving faster then time and therefor dreaming more in less amount of real time…or going back in time (remember that show where some kid went into a space ship and it was like AI and it flew faster then time and he went back in time… yer well i heard that that theory is now bogus… but i dont know need more info)

If on teh otehr hadn we could affect real time then it should be possible to slow that down and keeping us at the same speed… how do we do that? and if there is a way to do that dont you think taht if we could do it there must be somthing that is like a “god” over it always keeping “time” and if we stuff around with it then it will come pay us a vist.

i use the word god just as a creature of power nothing more place any other wordws on it u like i just cant think of any right now.

so yer to go slower first we must move quicker.

I think people meant speed it up when they said slow it down :eh:

same difference :tongue:

lol ok

Real Time- ----------------------------------------------
Dream Time ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Stretch out the dream time and it will be longer then real time.
My theory, and thats how you can dream many years in a LD.

so how do we get from - to ^

Those were prebuilt.
Thats the travel of time and the other one is dream time. It shows how you can spend more time in a dream then IRL.
---- Real time
^^ Dream Time.
More real time can go in dream time then real time in real time.
Understand Timeless_soul?

if by slowing time down you mean that while real life is going by at normal speed, your dreams seem to be days or even weeks long then yes people do it all the time.

just 5 days ago i had a dream that spanned about 2 dream days yet in reality i had only been alseep less than 20minutes.


i read that likfe twice and i totaly get what you wrote but ummm wha?

how can we have more rt in dt then rt in rt???

Richard :bounce:

Because think of it like a cube. V(of cube)= 100cm3
Real time 1 day V= 100cm3
Dream time 1 day V= .1cm3
Understand it’s less then real time.
Oh shoot sorry. I mean more dream time in real time. lol. My fault.
as you can see Dream time takes less space then real time.
Thank you.
Aother theory made by The Golden King of Avalon.

I read somewhere that although your dreams seem very long, they actually skip huge parts and your memory somehow fills that in with a long journey on the bus. That’s probably how having a whole dream year works. Except that it must skip rather a lot :eh: .

Of course, the brain might actually do everything faster with these dreams. But I think that fitting a 50-year life into 1 hour would mean going so fast that it would start humming :tongue: .

Actually, now I think it’s probably a mixture.

As for how to get from ^ to – (flatten out your dream time) - I think it might either be luck or you could sort of imagine stretching your dream time out. Don’t know how well that would work though.

No I am showing how that could work.
^^^^^^. This fitts in the same space as the other line but streched out it’s longer. Right?
-----------. Fills in as the length but isn’t as long for it was already streached out. Understand now?
What does Luck have to do with this? No offence. ( I kinda sound offencive there.)
Thank you.

Yes, but usually dream time is like just hopping along the tips ^^^^ instead of going down every hill.

Luck to become lucid in a dream which is already going to be very long.

I am pointing out that you could imagine squeezing your dream into a smaller space of time, which might help it actually happen.