Slowing Down Time in Lucidity

i reead about that man in a book once called psychic voyages - good book - i believ it was robert monroe but i may be wrong, oh well youll probly be able to find some info jsut look on the net, id liek to read other posts frm people who have had similar experiences

also, he was i believe hee was astral projecting, not LD, if that makes any difference

lol thanx for taht i knew what luck was i was kidding mind you the defs taht u got there pretty good :razz: waht i mean is i dont thionk luck has a great deal to do with lucid dreaming

in theory that makes total sence. but there is one thing that you must take into account as far as i am aware at this present state. We can caontrol what goes on inside our own mind not the forces that act outside it. Weather we think we can or cant is a very good question, but it isnt think taht you should be asking it is know. if we think we can fly we might be able to if we know we can fly then we can.

To affect dream time for us we would have to one of a few things.

  1. speed up our minds so that we think faster then real time and therefor seem to stay in the dream longer. but remain inside the real times sleep cycle

  2. slow down real time and there for keeping our brain at its normal speed and also staying inside the dream for a longer time but remain inside the real times sleep cycle

  3. do both.

Now if we did 2 we affect everyone else as well…

so is it really all that simple?

I belive that there is no past present and future, they are all one in the same. hard to explain i will post a book taht explains it rahter well if you want. it is a hard thing to grasp but this may be one way of overcomming the factor of there and therefor staying inside ld for what seems ages.

But remember that the body goes through cycles beta gama and delta waves. or was theata in tehre some where i cant remember the fact is we cycle through these. we would ahve to hold our selves in beta for a long time as well. to avoid non rem.



I have been experimenting with slowing down time in my dreams. I recently had some dreams which were several years long. I had a lucid dream which i made last 4 years and i lost lucidity after a few days and the rest of the years were just me going with the flow. I had another dream which lasted 6 years in which I was lucid the whole time and able to do what I want. Through my experiements I would like to agree with Stephen LaBerge is saying that the dreams use an effect similar to movies. Time is cut and were put into a totally different imte and place but given just enough information to understand what we’ve missed plus to trick us into thinking we haven’t missed anything. That’s how I feel after these experiements.

Just for the sake of the argument, if you were to slow down the entire world while asleep, noone would be affected by it. The only thing that would change would be your relation to the outside world (how you perceive time relative to how other people perceive time). But, since you are dreaming, that doesn’t matter either.

Bottom line: It’s possible, although very unlikely.

It’s probably very easy to make it seem like several years have gone by in a lucid dream - but impossible to actually live through all of that time. It would be sort of like living through the “edited highlights” of one year, I suppose.

Well, it seems like our brain can fool us a lot. :content:
This “movie effect” looks like the best answer to this question. Maybe you’ve woke up in the middle of the night and thought that it was morning and then found out that you actually went to sleep an hour ago or so. I’ve experienced that a couple of times, and I think that may be the kind of “feeling” that fools us to believe that years have gone by in a dream.

the speed of thought is faster than the speed of light
i believe it is entirely possible to slow down time in you dreams.
i’ll try when i get lucid and then document my findings on this web site.

I don’t think that speed has anything to do with it at all. Time is really measured by things moving. What I mean by this is that moving things take time. It takes time for the earth to go around the sun. It takes time for the moon to go around the earth. It takes time for you to physically walk across the room.

However, in a dream these things do not actually take time. There are no moving parts in your brain. While there are chemical reactions taking place, these things happen sooooo quickly.

Basically, I feel that there is more dream time every night than real time for every person. It is merely altering your concious perception of these things.

As for “movie effects” being the best answer for it… It IS the answer coz:

A) I know from my own experience.

B) I’m sure scientists have proved that this is how dreams achieve such “apparently” long durations. I read an article about it somewhere…I’m gonna have a look…

So far I can extend time, slow time, speed-up time, reverse time and stop time and save it so I can return to the same point. Is there anything else I haven’t thought of?

Pedro you forgot to loop time!

…You decide what that means…

no offense to anyones belief, but i absolutely refuse to accept that it isn’t possible spend months, or maybe even decades in a dream. when i get lucid i will find a frickin way or die tryin’. :grrr:

I find it plausable that one could experience a time in their dream which is longer than real time. I hold with those who suggested the the Brain is capable of experiencing much more than it does in waking life. Reasonably, it would be possible then to “speed up” the brain, or experience more events and sensation within the short timespan of a dream. Our minds have the excess capacity to process additional input.

For my own part, I have experienced numerous lucid dreams, but I am not yet proficient enough to carry out such an experiment. Once I can LD at will, or nearly at will, I’ll be resourceful enough to experiment with a technique to speed up my perception.


We know the amount of time we feel pass can be pretty differnt from what the bloody alarm’s saying. It dreams this differnce might be even larger. It’s just impossible to say how much. Might be possible to feel only twice or even thousand times more time that actually passes while you are asleep. The reason we just can’t say is the physical limit of our brain processing input into memory. :eh:
A computer could save one our of our sensual input in a 2gb sized file. But the brain can’t use all that informations, and deletes everything on a one-hour three-step-way from short- to long-term-memory but a single 1.44mb disc. Only these small amount of informations enters your long-term-memory, of which only a small peak is conscious. Most informations sink slowly under the surface into the subconscious. It’s not lost. A trigger can bring it back into your concsious mind - even the oldest memories from childhood or the smell of your primary school. :bored:

All this is so important for dreaming because your memory works the same when you dream. When you have a dream you will have an sensual input of less than 2gb - the dream is usually not that real as reality and often you might have to concentrate on a specific sense for completly real impressions. :eek: But training LD will improve the the amount of data your memory will feed the sense-centers of your brain and that will make the dream feel more real.
So the amount of information you are able to remember from a 30min-dream will be pretty much the same - it’s up to you if all the information you remember is from 10 minutes or a years of your in-dream-time - it won’t be “more” information, anyway. :cry:

If u want to wake up and feel as if u dreamt much longer than you really did you need to manage to wake up as long as the dreams still lasts. It is the only way to remember the some more things when you enjoyed a couple of dreamdays in some hours of sleep.
It takes you brain about an hour to filter all input it had. Up to one hour after you dreamed there will be up to hundred times more information than you will remeber in long-term. And THAT’S WHY U SHOULD ALWAYS WRITE DREAM DIARY

time is an illusion (we have created watches and calendars true, but what makes 1 second 1 second, the pulsing of a quartz crystal??, where did nature define a second? it all depends who or what you are and against what are you measuring…) Take for instance a fly, for it a day can seem, and in some cases is, a lifetime and 80 years for a sequoia tree is barely a childhood. I believe it IS possible to live years in a dream, just as long as you manage to remain lucid, keep creating, and speed your mind up enough. Maybe not even that, since in dreamworld you drop all man made ideas and beliefs, and in there nothing is based on the realworld. I have had ND where I did so many things I began forgetting them before waking up, and when I did I believed at least an hour must have passed, but I had been dreaming for 10 minutes. It’s all pretty subjective I think.
Trying meditation or simply practicing WILD, I have been at it wholeheartedly, and not being able to achieve more than paralysis I got up to find that I had been at it for more than 3 hours!!! Time definately distorts when your around dream world, since it felt to me as half an hour had passed. But of course all this is pretty personal, you take away the watches and calendars from our world, and you’ll see it crumble and go nuts!! :wink:

For you who have lived for years in one dream;
When you wake up and recall your dream, does it really feel like you have lived those 6 (or w/e) extra years? When your actually 20, do you feel like 26 or w0ot? :confused:
That would be kind of cool. And if you really could live for years during one night you could solve all your problems, personal twists so on during one night. :confused: That would rock. :content:

Its not exactly the same thing at all, but a few nights ago in a non-lucid dream, I somehow got to a point where I paused my dream and then rewinded it.

i’ve recently come across of a technbique for actually experiencing a time slowdown- only in RL! check out this link:
if one did this while WILDing, maybe he would enter a lucid dream while there still is a slow perception of time

In my last LD I had fun with stopping time for people, making them “lag” as in Counter-strike :razz:

Wow, cool stuff in this thread. Will try in my next LD.