Snape's Dream Journal - Harry Potter Series

[color=blue]18th Jan
“Accio” – Beer & Jam

I’m using my wand to practice summoning objects. I try to summon a jar of jam and I succeed! The jar magically appears in the palm of my hand, with no more than a little ‘pop’. Excited at the possibilities this presents, I try to summon a bottle of beer but only manage to get an empty bottle. Next I try for a six pack. I visualise it clearly in my mind and try the incantation twice, but it fails. On the second incantation an electrical feel fills the air and a kind of vibration can be felt. A fire has started, after a lamp fell off the table, which seems to have been caused by my misdirected energies when attempting to summon the beer. Whoops :tongue:

Magical 50 Something
I’m wearing funky 70’s clothing, and I’m getting out of my mums car. All of my family are here. I ask why we are dressed this way and my uncle says something about being 50. I appear to be an older friend of the family, instead of myself. I’m trying to explain to them who I really am and that I can do magic, but I’m unsuccessful. We’re at my papas house where there’s some sort of party. I try my magic with no success and I become very unpopular. I decide to run out the door in embarassment.

Gryffindor Jewels
I’m wearing karate type robes of red and yellow, which resemble ceremonial robes warn by the elite of house Gryffindor. I’m walking through a playground that is located next to an oval. I walk over to the oval and can see people sitting around the perimeter, though I’m not sure exactly what they’re doing they are wearing similar robes to myself and seem to be practicing some form of martial arts, or perhaps a sport. I return to the playground and begin to climb a ladder which is situated on some kind of a retaining wall. As I climb the step I realise that there are some purple crystals or gems growing in the earth, and I try to dislodge some of them. I notice that they are very beautiful.[/color]

[color=blue]27th Jan
Cousin’s not Muggles!

I’m out the back of my cousin’s house trying to fly my new broom. I don’t seem to be having much success, though I keep getting interrupted because I can’t do this while my Muggle Aunty and Uncle keep interrupting me.
I’m at my cousins’ house telling Ben that it’s okay if he wants to go to Hogwarts tonight, but I would prefer if he would also be able to come back tonight. At some point Ben morphs into my cousin, and I tell her that she can use my broom to fly there as my broom is much faster than hers. She seems happy with this and tells me that she should be back in about twenty minutes. I try to fall asleep in her bedroom but with little success, I’m too excited at the prospect of returning to Hogwarts. I want to read something about Hogwarts, just to prove to myself that it does in fact exist. Someone is here with me, and he walks into my others cousins room and comes out with a book about Hogwarts. I’m relieved at this, as I have something from the ‘Magic’ world to keep me in touch. This guy also goes into my Aunt and Uncles room, and comes back out with a Dictionary of Magic.

I’m at a nightclub and I’m about to go on with my friend. On entering club it becomes more of a hotel. I’m trying to explain to my friend that I go to Hogwarts, that regardless of what she has read about Hogwarts it is in fact a real place but I can’t get her to believe me.

Magical Shrinking Alley
I appear to be out in a dark alleyway, walking along with some characters from Harry Potter (Mr Weasley stands out in my mind). I tell them that I’m finding it hard to maintain a belief in magic and Hogwarts. I point at a wall and say “see, that’s real. How can I say the same of Hogwarts?” Someone points his wand at the wall and it recedes magically into a tiny alleyway, through which only a miniature person could possibly fit. I look into this alleyway and see a small person running along it, which convinces me that I must have more belief in magic without requiring constant proof that it exists.

Hogwarts Hotel?
I’m at Hogwarts, though it appears to resemble more of a hotel than a school. I’m walking down some stairs, saying to someone that I’m glad I’m here to experience this, but I’m afraid that at any moment it will all fade, as if it’s a dream. I enter a bar area and there’s a guy here who I seem to know. He says he’s been waiting for me. He appears familiar though I’m not entirely sure why.

30th Jan
Sleigh Ride

I’m riding a snow sled down a steep hill, in the middle of a downpour of snow. Ron is here with me. I vaguely recall something about riding in a bus and taking over the drivers seat from the bus driver as we are driving along dirt back roads.

2nd Feb
High School Exams

My teacher is chasing me through the hallways of my old high school, and chases me all the way to my next examination – Chemistry. He runs into the room in front of me and I run in straight after him (as though I’m chasing him) and I almost trip over, bump into a desk and lose my balance. The students in the class are amused at my antics, so I quickly take a seat and ready myself for the chemistry exam. Partway into the exam our teacher, Professor Trelawney (Harry Potter) tells us to put down our pens and pencils. She draws an elaborate symbol on the blackboard and begins to dance in a very odd and stupid manner. The class are forced to watch as we are lead to believe that this is our examination. Many students are annoyed at this, as they had spent hours upon hours studying for this exam, where as I am just amused that our exam is to watch Professor Trelawney dancing. Before she finishes, our real Chemistry teacher walks in and takes over. He begins removing supports etc (poles that run up into the ceiling) though he doesn’t realise that the poles actually go up into the ceiling, and manages to rip holes in it.
After we have all reseated we are watching some movie or something on the projector, and I am making many jokes etc to other students. I seem to be incredibly popular as everyone is laughing with me, and smiling at me. Even the teacher has a measure of patience with my jokes and popularity. At one point somebody makes a joke about me and everyone laughs. I feel incredibly betrayed and made fun of, but I didn’t hear what the joke was so I ask the person standing up. He tells me what the jokes was (Something about me being stupid) but after my surge of anger and betrayal I notice that people are laughing in an affectionate type of way, rather than laughing at me. I point to the teacher and pretend to be angry, saying “How dare you allow your class to continue in such a disorderly fashion!”. Although the teacher is still amused, she docks 50 points from house Gryffindor, though this doesn’t really seem to upset me or any of my classmates.

Pretty interesting dreams, a lot of it looks pretty pre-lucid, like where you act and have abilities as though you were in a LD. Have you tried to use any of these recurring dreamsigns (hogwarts, magic, whatever) to become lucid with autosuggestion / MILD?

Nope! The problem is, that the last time I had any Harry Potter type dreams was on the 2nd of February (which was a good 3 or 4 weeks ago). I do, however, dream about my cousins almost every single darned night, but regardless of the amount of MILD that I practice I can’t seem to recognise when i see them that I’m dreaming!! I’ve just realised that I need to focus more when I awaken at 4 in the morning, to focus my intention and to make it clear at that point. Sorry if I don’t make much sense, it’s 5:30 here and I just got back from the nightclub :cool:

Those are cool! :happy:

I used to be a fan too. I still enjoy reading the books and I must watch all the movies(still haven’t seen the second one) but I’m not obsessed with Harry Potter anymore.

Some weeks ago I had a dream where I was walking on a crowded street(muggles all around), wearing hogwarts robes(stupid me huh?). And I was with a boy who also wore Hogwarts robes. I had a feeling that he was Ron and I was Hermione(I’ve never been obsessed with her though :eh: ). Harry(my favourite character) wasn’t there…It felt like he had died and wasn’t with us anymore. :sad:

That was me! I think we attended first year at Hogwarts together!!:wizard:
It’s funny you say that, coz I always dream that Ron is in my dreams and Hermione has never been in any of my dreams - though it feels that I am Harry (in a way).

:cool_laugh: I don’t know what to say…

Then again, I do have brown, naturally a bit wavy and thick hair and hazel eyes. lol.

Keep posting your dreams. They’re interesting. :wink:

Oh I will, but not in this thread as this is my ‘Harry Potter’ series of dreams only, see my DJ in the Dream Diary section of the forum!! (though I’m only posting my Lucid dreams and WILD attempts over there at the moment)

Take care,

Aaah! I meant the Harry Potter dreams. :happy:

Hey Snape! I’m also a really big Harry Potter fan (ever since my grade 8 teacher made me read the first one lol!)

I find that I get a lot of Harry Potter dreams right before a book comes out, and right after. So I’m hoping I can use things from Harry Potter as a dream sign when the sixth book is released!

Your dreams are interesting, they’re fun to read! keep posting!

Yeah you’re right Fay, I too found that all these dreams occurred when I read the series. I guess I too can use this as a dreamsign when the next book comes out in july. Watch out you little muggles!!!
BTW Don’t worry, I’ll definitely post any other related dreams here.

Funny. I checked my dream diary and noticed that I saw a lot of dreams in 2003 and 2004,where Ron and Harry were around. Also, lots of quidditch and just doing magic and stuff. :smile:

I had one Harry Potter dream once, where it was made into a Japanese anime series. But they turned Harry into a martial arts expert with the personality of Rambo, and it was absolutely terrible. :content:

I can’t believe you had so many HP dreams, by the way - I’m amazed!

Rambo-Harry?! I think that’s one Harry Potter movie I’ll skip!!

I’m speechless… You have waaayyy too many Harry Potter dreams. I was like omg when i read your first posts. :eek:

I want HP dreams. It would be easy to do anything. You got a wand, for one thing ;D

Wow! That is a lot of HP dreams! :smile: I only had a couple, and that while I was being pushed around and verbally abused at this hell-farm that I was working at for free! I guess I must have identified myself with the characters from HP during that period or something. Anyway, here they come:

11th July 2004:

‘There’, said Harry Potter as he pointed towards a tower in the North-west. ‘That’s Dumbledore’s office!’ Harry, Ron and me ran across the frozen ground of a farm towards the tower and up the spiralling stair-case. Halfway up a monster started coming after us. Its body was that of a spider, but he had a human face. (Upon awakening, I realised that it was the same monster from a nightmare that I had the previous night… also involving a spiralling stair-case.) We continued running up all the way and we grabbed on to a big sun-dial and each other. The sun-dial was made up of round slate of bronze and it
had some words written on it. We had to say certain magical words in order to be transported in. We tried several time, but we just couldn’t hit on the right password. The monster was just reaching the landing where we were standing. Harry suddenly had a bright idea. In one way or another he managed
to jump behind the monster and was now standing on the staircase. ‘Hey Harry, what are you doing?!’ Ron shouted desperately. He winked at us, and said that he just needed to take a little trip into the past. Then he disappeared. I looked at the monster advancing towards us in shock. Damn it! We didn’t have any more time to experiment with the sun-dial. I took a step away from it and tried to kick the monster. Where was Harry? I had some idea on what it was he was trying to do… but he sure was taking his time! I prepared to attack the monster again, when Harry suddenly reappeared while grinning broadly. He grabbed hold of the stair-case rails with one hand, and us with the other. I hurried back to touch the sun-dial again. Then we read up the words written on the sun-dial loudly. As we were transported into the office, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why we hadn’t read the words right away. The password was right there in front of us!

14th July 2004:

I was running around in an old castle. I saw some protective leg gear lying around next to one of the walls in the corridor. Harry Potter was trying to convince me and Ron that oldemort was still alive. I suddenly heard Voldemort’s whisper wind itself around the dusty rooms and corridors in the castle.

Harry, Ron and me were queuing up in a line so that we could each get a really nice hot bath (Bit of wish fulfillment there. I had a gallon of gasoline at my hands, but couldn’t for the life of me manage to light up the fire which would heat up the hot-water tank at the back of the shed. I wasn’t going to ask any of the people at the farm for help, so I ended up taking ice-cold showers for 2 weeks instead. :tongue:), complete with a backscrub and a massage. We patiently waited for our turn, while the people in the queue before us slowly dwinled away. When it finally was our turn, the bell rang and the break was suddenly over and a flood of students came into the bathroom which suddenly increased in size and turned into a large main hall. Harry, Ron and me started shouting. We were standing in the middle of the crowd and pleaded with the people standing in
the balustrades around and for several floors above us. I got really angry and shouted: ‘Scram!’ Total silence followed. Had I been too harsh? Had I offended them? After awhile I followed with a ‘…please?’, in a tiny little voice. Everyone started to laugh really loud… at me or because I had been so good at
mimicking my submissive behaviour towards the dragonlady at the farm that I was working at… but then again, wasn’t that the same thing?

Lol!! I like that, “Scram!!..please?”
I haven’t had any Harry Potter dreams lately, though I plan to reread the entire series soon so I imagine that they’ll return to me them. I’ll be sure to post any further HP dreams here.