So...Close! WILD

In the afternoon nap I tried WILDing…I waited for the HI which didn’t arrive and I fell asleep.
Then somehow I knew I’m dreaming and I did a RC to make sure.
It really was a strat of a dream I didn’t reallt got there…
I felt my real and dream body togheter(btw it’s amazing!!! :happy: ) I felt my body getting into the dream it was a feeling like my body is floating to the dream world, really weird ! but then accidently I moved my real body :grrr:

maybe I was close to OOBE ?

OBE needs SP, so if you moved it means it was a WILD instead.
Congratulations anyway, it seems like you were really close ;D you gotta wait till you are completely in the dream, though, to move around.

Yes , right , but how I moved my dream bosy to do a RC and I didn’t wake up from it ?

Oh sorry. :shy: After a better read, it seems you got asleep, and you awakened because of the realization you were dreaming (feeling both bodies is a sign you’re waking up); then you were trying to chain, or getting back into the dream (that is a form of WILD, really), but you moved too soon and got definitely awake. Hope I helped this time :tongue:

oh you did ! thanks!
Guess I felt I was dreaming becuase I remember the moment I fell asleep…

WILD’s are so cool: even if you fail and fall asleep, there’s always the heightened awareness you gained while falling asleep that can cause the so-called Failure Induced Lucid Dreams, thus it’s still very possible to get a LD ^^
Keep practicing though, WILD is often easier that it can appear, it’s mostly a matter of relaxing the right way ;D

You right ! WILD is easy when you know how to do it, and you can dream LD every night/day!