So I have hit a wall trying to WILD...

Ok so I have been trying to WILD for a couple of weeks now with no success. I have only reached the SP stage once and i’m having a lot of trouble getting anywhere since.

I go through all of the necassary stages before trying to WILD such as stretching etc… to try to help.

Once trying I simply lay on my back, eyes closed and start counting (1, im dreaming etc…) but from here i cant seem to get anywhere no HI, no SP nothing.

Often I have trouble keeping my eyes closed comfortably and sometimes they just open on their own too I always RC if this happens just in case but no joy.

Also it can sometimes feel like i’m going through SP only for me to find out one of my muscles has just tensed up, usually in my neck.

I’m really struggling and any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

  • Orcywoo6

When you say necessary stages, do you mean deep diaphragmatic breathing? I find that calms me. Also do you go try it when you are tired? And for how long? How high have you counted or I have never gotten WILD or HI but I have gotten numbness, tingling, and vibrations - the onset of SP.

yeah I like do the breathing and use it to help me count. I usually do it when I am VERY tired to help my chances. When I tried last night I spent around 2hrs trying.
Can’t remember how high I got but it was in the thousands. So yeah…Sometimes I can get tingling but thats about it at the moment.

thousands!? that’s commitment. i have it in my head that counting tricks don’t work for me. i’m sure there’s a thread on that topic somewhere, but, generally speaking, is counting a good method?

I had the same problem. First of all, one of the necessary stages of WILD is rolling your eyes around in their sockets so they don’t vibrate when you’re trying to WILD and stop your body from falling asleep.
The big thing is finding the right time of night. This is VERY important, and is where everyone messes up. You’re not gonna get anything unless you time it right. You need to wake up at a time right when you’re going into REM. If you’re not, you might have to wait a long time. This is what I did.
1.Go to sleep at a regular time, say 10:00. Set my alarm clock to 5 hours later.
2.If that doesnt work, set it to 5 hours and 15 minutes later.
3.If that doesnt work, set it to 51/2 hours later. Keep on increasing by 15 minutes and one time, you will try and suddenly extremely vivid HI will appear right away and you will be in a dream in minutes :woo:
4.This works. If it doesn’t work for you, then you’re doing WILD wrong. When doing WILD, you always have to stretch for 5-7 min, no more, than get into bed, rolling your eyes for about a min. Then you do something called"reverse blinking".
Keep your eyes closed, and every few seconds quickly open and close them again. I can GUARANTEE this will get you in a sleepy trance withing 5 minutes. After you get really sleepy and your eyelids refuse to open, you can start lying extremely still. Dont swallow. Soon, you should see mild HI forming, for me its extremely faint purple blobs floating around. Eventually, within 5-10 min the mild HI will turn a lot brighter, and more comlex shapes will develop(doesnt happen for me though, for me I just see strong HI) and then A full dreamscene will appear, but very hazy, and you will hear some slight sounds, like maybe people talking or white noise is common, then the haze will lift from the dreamscene, it will become crystal clear, and you will be drawn into it. Dont force your way into your dream, or everything will end. Let yourself be drawn in naturally. Congrats! You’re in a dream. Go grow a 3rd arm and fly and stuff :grin:

Wow, I’m going to try this. The wild tuts I had left out some of these things. No more counting to 3,000.

Thanks for the help guys!

I will try those methods tonight, they should be added to the tut since it doesnt mention them!

Hopefully i’ll get an LD and if old hag comes i’ll punch her, shes not scary :smile:

I’ve tried Reverse Blinking a couple times and it didn’t do much for me :sad: Moving your eyes around does help keeping them still later and to get your mind a bit more awake.

And yeah, counting has some kind of “limit”. I guess it may vary but usually if you get all the way to 1000 you should maybe stop and try another time :wink: I usually fall asleep while counting :tongue: but I stop when I get to 300-400. If you get to a very high number it means you’re too awake (or maybe moving around), you may want to explore other “methods”, like simply paying attention to your breathing, slowly and peacefully.

The irony with the Old Hag is if you can have that attitude (punch in face), I mean truly, not saying it but secretly be afraid of it :tongue:, you’ll probably never see it!

Exactly, its the fear of old hag that makes her come in the first place. If you show you are not scared then she doesn’t come or backs off if she does. :razz:

Tried WILDing last night, fell asleep by accident lol. I will try again today, by the way is it best to go to the bathroom after waking up after 5hrs sleep?

Also I want to go to pandora in my dream! :smile:
Saw Avatar the second time, this time in 3d and im in love with that film. Best film I have ever seen, the na’vi are just so wonderful and I love how they live!

Also is it best to give a limit to count to before giving up?

Hmm, I don’t really know what’s best in terms of counting :shy: But I think if you get to really high numbers you probably are bored and I feel boredom isn’t helpful :eh:

I could be wrong though, but I think if you get too high it means something else isn’t “right”. Maybe there are too many distractions like dogs barking or even annoying thoughts popping up in your mind, maybe you’re too cold or too hot, or not relaxed enough. Maybe you’re moving around a bit and don’t notice it. I’ve heard keeping the eyes completely still can help a lot and speed up the process.

But again, I’m not that experienced with counting, so I don’t want to say “don’t count to 3000” :tongue: I believe, in the long run anyway, it’s important to experiment a little and see how YOU fall asleep and/or stay awake. And find little things you can change to stay a little more awake or relaxed so you’re able to find something in the middle between falling straight asleep and counting to 3000 :wink:

Thanks for the advice
Thats a good, understandable way of putting it. :smile:

You tend to follow other peoples examples rather than finding out about yourself when it comes to things like this XD

Anyway i’m off to bed in a few minutes, will get up at 5am and try WILD then :happy:
fingers crossed!

Actually, counting requires a bit more focusing, 'cause every time you have to say (in your head of course) a different number.

You can try ‘‘Breathe in…and out…in…and out…in…out…in…out’’.
And with a soothing voice.
Always helps…even tho you can just fall asleep.

Good luck, these guys are right.Try it after 5 hours of sleeping or so.

"I’ve heard keeping the eyes completely still can help a lot and speed up the process. "

I think that works too. Last night I tried wild right after going to bed (By the way, is possible to wild work like that?)

Anyways, I was relaxing myself and after a while I just realized that one reason I was too awake was my eyes, they were moving a lot, I was thinkg a lot. It’s kinda hard to find a confortable position where eyes can really stay still. But when I got it I really felt closer to SP and everything else. My perception is that eyes being still is really more nature and I get deeper faster and more naturally

About couting I don’t count to high numbers, actually I just start counting when I feel really relaxed but I oftenly change techniques like breathing or visualizing. Does anyone do that too?

maxroxplx, it is possible to WILD right when you go to bed, I’ve seen some reports, but it is A LOT harder, supposedly/for most people/most of the time.

I also find it hard to find a omfortable position for my eyes :neutral: but it’s a bit of practice, I think :tongue:

Ok so my recent attempts at WILD have failed, but I am still making progress :smile:

I have been having some really and i mean really intense dreams that i can remember fully the next day :smile:

Hoping to get an LD soon!

Keep up the great work, orcywoo6! You’ll get there, I’m sure of it :wink:

Thanks :smile:

No success so far, all i seem to be able to do at the moment is cause my arms to have the blood cut off from laying still. I also get really sweaty all of a sudden, its as though i have stepped back a few steps in my progress…

I will keep trying and i will get there!