So last night I...

Had a really cool lucid dream!

First, let me tell you the night I had.
I smoked some weed with my friends and watched the new family guy (around 9) and then smoked some more by my self about 11:30 (I had planned on not lucid dreaming :tongue: )
I ended up staying up to about 3:30am, falling asleep about 4.

I just wanted to have a normal dream, just something I could put in my journal (I’ve been having a dream everynight for 13 days straight) but I was given much more.

I was in a supermarket with my friend, and someone said something related to dreams. I thought of looking at my hand because I always have an “RC” on it, and when I read it I knew I was dreaming, I never even did a real reality check other then looking around.
I yelled at my friend “Im in a lucid dream!!!” but he just said “Sweet, dude…” cause IRL he really wants to have a lucid dream but hasn’t yet.

This little kid (about 7) yells something at me then runs away. I didn’t catch what he said. So, I put my hands in the air (I don’t really know why, in the dream it seemed like a good idea) and wanted something bad to happen to the kid. Nothing happend :eh:

Then there was this little girl, who had a small wooden box. I asked her to put it down so I could see something. I put my hands in the air again and made a motion of moving something up. The box lifted about a foot in the air and just hoverd. I could feel the wieght of it, it was insane.

I then thought of what could make a good story when I wake up, so I thought of drinking something to see if I could taste it. I went over to the alcohol isle and started looking for a drink. I couldn’t find anything I wanted. I then saw a platter with shots in a circle with very little alcohol, and a bottle in the middle. I walked up and took one right away. It was very strong, to strong, I can remember the taste very well. :eek:

So, theres another whole normal dream, and lots more details about the lucid dream…but to keep this semi short i’m gonna leave it at that :content:

Just goes to show you that not trying does work. And weed is not ALL that bad :tongue:

That sounds like a great dream! Who knew of weed’s incredible powers? :fly:

Lol nice dude!
The weed thingy is a difficult topic, it might have been because of it but could also have been a normal LD without any effects of the weed :wink:

Yeah, definitely. I meant weed isn’t bad as it doesn’t always (atleast with me) make me not remember dreams. I wasn’t saying it induced it :tongue:

yay, lets get hooked on weed and ruin all our lives. :roll:

see yah

lol. Caffeine, alcohol, hell even candy is worse for you. I really don’t see how pot could ruin you’r life. Unless you smoke like, everyday. But seriously, everything is bad for you if you do it to much.

But…I don’t want this thread turning into “Pot: good or bad?”, its about my lucid dream. I just happend to smoke that night.