So the only time i can manage to WILD is....

Hi Guys,
Lately I’ve been trying to WILD, with very little success. There is however one time when I can seem to do it, and this is in the middle of the night when I’m half awake.

Just last night, I can remember half waking up in the middle of the night and attempted a WILD. It’s hard to explain, because it’s not like I woke up and thought to myself ‘hay, let’s try a WILD’. It was more or less something I decided to do without me even knowing or trying, almost subconsciously. It felt like i fell into SP within seconds, and I was in a dream before I knew it. Yes, I was in a LD, but it still felt quite hazy, and I didn’t totally feel in control. Being a rookie, I failed to stabilize the dream properly, so I was wondering around this LD in almost a subconscious way, I didn’t even perform a reality check. With that said, I still managed a small amount of dream control, and later in my dream began rubbing my hands together, and remembered to take the ‘lucid pill’ that was conveniently in my pocket :smile: Still, the dream failed to stabilize properly, and within about 5 minutes of the dream I lost all lucidity, and it went off into it’s own little tangent (which I can hardly remember).

Now, this isn’t the first time that I have had this type of LD with middle of the night WILD. Why is it that I can only achieve WILD in this half awake/half alseep state? In general I take a fair while to get to sleep, so I find myself not being able to fully switch off into trance mode when attempting a WILD normally. Anyone else struggle with this, and any ideas on how to achieve a more vivid LD?

Did you hallucinate at all before the dream? You sure it wasn’t a DEILD instead?

If not, then that’s just because you take awhile to fall asleep, so when you’re already halfway there, you can get to the later stages of WILD faster, so you have less time to lose focus and drift off. I usually try WILD at around 5 hours after I fall asleep, and I’m pretty sure it’s worked for me at least twice, and I’ve only seriously been trying WILD for a week or two.

As for getting your dreams more vivid, I find that eating something just before I sleep helps for me. Could just be a coincidence. Another thing that worked for me, was one time when I had a LD, I made sure to use all my senses in the dream, touching things, tasting things, smelling things and whatnot. Ever since that one, mine have usually been pretty vivid.

Yeah, it sounds like a DEILD. It’s much easier to DEILD when still half asleep. That’s why when you DEILD, it’s strongly suggested that you don’t move before attempting to go back into the dream.

Also, you don’t want to WILD at bedtime. Doing what you did is actually a lot better for getting desired results. DEILD is much the same thing, except easier. Wake up, don’t move, and go back in. I find it’s also a lot easier to DEILD when I know I’m coming out of a dream so I can prepare to wake up and go back.