SO please

im fairly new to LD
ive found that it isnt really hard for me to succeed in LDing
last night i tried WILD.
It worked.
i ended up in a japanese town area.
My right eye was closed in my dream.
So i opened it, but it opened in real life also.
so i woke up and decided to wild again.
again,i did WILD. I ended up at a beach.
along with my first dream, this1 was completely vivid,
but my right eye was closed.
i opened it.
then i opened my real right eye in real life as a result, thus making me wake up inreal life.
i did WILD again,
same thing happened.
i got so tired that i just decided to go back to sleep.
it was really wierd.
ive been doing LD for bout 1.5 months, and have had over 15 ld’s(pretty good for a begginner), and this hs never happened.

Can anyone help if this happens again?
Has this ever Happened to any of you?


now that i think bout it
what if its a FA
i never checked the time

that be really wierd
still please post
i want input

Don’t open your eye in the dream. Instead try to see through the closed eye lid. It might take a few seconds but it does work and it will not wake you up.

Happy dreaming :smile:

My initial reaction is that it would have been a FA. I really doubt that it’s possible to dream with one eye, and see in RL with the other.

lol can u share your WILD method?

anything unique?

good job…

if it happens tonight
ill be sure to do a reality check, after “wake up”

and i WILD just by counting 1 im dreaming …etc
while thinking only about what i want to dream about.
i also do the "third-eye tecnique used for the suneye method.
ive done WILD 6 times B4 last night with no problem like i had last night.

ill jus try to LD tonight