So you aren't getting lucid dreams?

It’s okay.
I’ve never really had one.
But I realized that I’m not trying hard enough. I need to start paying attention to anything illogical. I just need one lucid dream long enough for CALD. That’s it. When I try MILD at night and fail, I just recite words in my head. I don’t actually focus on the intention of going lucid. I find excuses to not try WILD, usually “I’m too tired, I need sleep.” When I wake up, I never remember to try DEILD because I never focus on the intent to do so. When I get up in the middle of the night, after moving around a lot, I forget to try WBTB. It’s these kind of things that prevent me frog getting LD’s. I hope you learn, and I know I will get a LD tonight.

I don’t think that’s it,
It looks like an emotional block.

I don’t know you at all, so I’m probably wrong, but I can share some behaviour of myself that might be familiar:

Last week I was a little worried about life’s circumstances (stressed out). Suddenly I was insanely motivated to LD, doing RC’s every 10min’s throughout the days and out of thin air I decide to MILD too. Resulting in near zero levels of dream recall - which has been stable for months - and a total absence of anything resembling a LD. It seems this madness’ only purpose was to disappoint myself, thus stressing me out even more.

I read this one sentence in a knowledge base article here: Being motivated does not mean impatient. (“How to choose your technique”) I suspect you might have more succes if you lower the bar or forget about it for a week or so.

Stress levels rise easily and are hard to notice because we are so used to being stressed, especially if you live in a city, but I digress. Wishing you good luck mew.

Yeah, if your losing focus it’s diffcult to get better at having LD’s. As your aware, reciting random words in your head isn’t very effective; it’s all about the intent and meaning behind those words, as well as the self belief that you WILL have a lucid dream.

GL with your motivation! With a little effort and belief the LD’s will surely come.

Yeah. Last night I was actually focusing on the pure intention of getting lucid, instead of the mantra. But then I accidentally went on one of my thought conversations. :tongue:

Oh yeah, and I’ve taken more breaks from lucid dreaming then I can count. Pretty much when I lose all motivation. Then something sparks some motivation into me and I try.

I haven´t been doing my best these last couple of days eighter :neutral:
But to night that all gonna change! :smile: