Society and you

You are a consciousness which is formless, infinite, tiny, huge, beyond description, bundled inside a series of complex interworkings of thoughts and emotions, ideas, programs.

You have a High Will. That which wishes to manifest itself at all odds and all costs. You know what it is. It is that which you really want to do, be, and achieve, and it knows no boundaries and reasoning, it is the temperament of a stead-fast child determined to have its way, supported by unseen angel wings to keep it from going too - far - astray, to help it with the fruition of this will.

In this world there are two categories of spiritual entities, helpful and deceptive. Love and fear.

The primary emphasis of being conditioned and educated in a society is to take someone else’s will and make it your own, to be in other words, a slave.

Throughout most of your life you have been taught this very act of surrending to the expectations desires and demands of others. Because our society has evolved to a level of sophisticated intellectual ideas, this coercion is not except seldom done by force, but rather by incessant persuasion.

In order to understand persuasion you must look at those more heavily persuaded by outside forces than yourself. Stereotypes. Stereotypes come true. They are not absolutes and yet they are cookie cutters making sure that all dough that comes down the factory line is made to be as congruent and uniform as possible.

What are some stereotypes you know ? Think about them, maybe you don’t like them a lot, maybe you don’t even know they are “stereotypes”,
there is the athlete,
run through your mind the stereotype of the athlete,
what is his name like ?
This is how dreams are formed, your mind stereotypes constantly …
what IS his name ?
Think of one, let your SC come up with a name for the athlete, it has no choice but to comply, and this is the result of your social conditioning which in full utopian nature is very useful, once you are set free as a lucid creator.
What IS his name ?
Mine says “Joe”
does Joe attend anti-war rallies?
Think about the depth of this question.
Does an athlete attend anti-war rallies ?
There’s no right answer, there are only social trends.
This is the matrix of programming which we are in.
Of course he does, an d of course he doesn’t.
Joe v 7.32 does.
Joe v 1.21 doesn’t.
Joe v 1 HATES them.
Look at this, look at any example that is a small picture, to see the bigger one.
Your reality then, is nothing more than the tendency to remember certain things, for everything that you forget, you are not, and everything you persistently remember, or focus upon, you are.

Now understand that, within you, is a constant stream of thoughts sustained by emotional waves which creates your experience of reality.

You can choose now to take the blue pill or the red.
the red pill , you can call it purple because purple is more wise,
creates its own reality.
It is its own authority. it is master of its mind.
The pill of slumber is manipulated like a rag doll by forces unseen, its Higher Will may or may not even exist, and may have atrophied and disintegrated beneath a barrage of constant persuasive messages.

The mass media is where these messages tend to congregate and assimilate themselves.

Now where is free will ?
Write here.

Your task is to look within and examine each thought that comes up,
it is either useful or not.

If it is useful, then it is congruent with your Higher Self, and it is Good, hold fast to it.
if it is not, if it is an emotion or fear based, negative,
then this is not you,
it is the source of constant nightmares in EVERY DIMENSION, the physical, the astral, the causal, it is not your friend.

So, it is very important right now, to ask yourself:
Who am I? What do I want?
Answer these questions.
What you are, what you want, fills your being with so much joy, gratitude, bliss, peace, and grace.
and if you fret, fear, doubt, have anger, any of the negative emotions, then you cannot have what you want!

If you give a furious gorilla something he will smash it without noticing what it is, even if its what he truly wanted, he was unable to notice it because he was possessed by rage.
Humans are a bit more rational than that, they may be able to notice what is good, notice that they are unduly angry towards it, and then let it gently cleanse them.
Babies and children are excellent healers of all emotional dysfunction.

if an adult were to abandon all his fictional novels, movies, video games, and all his “mature” activities that merely create him anew as a puppet manipulated by constant stress and mal-content and dis-ease, and begin playing with children in the sandbox, and doing exactly what they do, he would be saved.

Let us then look at money, and look in the Bible, many of you will know this passage without needing to examine and find it.
Money is that which will convince most souls in existence to forfeit their Highest Will for something that not only is less than perfect, but by comparison is down-right miserable, and they will be so used to it and hypnotized by the persuaders that they will really not notice it, except as a lingering fret, fear, discontent, and dispassion about their lives.

Now, do you know someone on their death bed that wished they would have watched more TV?
How can even the greatest of art-forms compare to the joy of being who you truly are ? ah, they can, and so, are you constantly seeking out what is good? Are you settling for less ?
Remember that 99.9% truth is a total lie,
it is appealing to the blind, blind enough that they do not notice the poison that it contains,
only YOU can know what is absolutely good.

So rest assured that, having read this, YOU ARE absolutely Good, and your mission is to hold fast to that which brings you bliss,
although statements are made in veracity here they are only guidelines.
One in a state of Samadhi and Bliss will scarcely care if he is working in a fast-food restaurant, however, it is the intention of the soul to do that which it wants to do, without other people telling it not to.

When you sustain the thought of what you wish to do, you may notice every thought PUT INTO YOU by OTHERS that tells you that your dream is NOT possible! Do not listen ! These are the demons of conditioning deep within you, buried and installed by others.

If we lived in nature we wouldn’t have more than a few dozen thoughts a day, and would be constantly in a state of peace, although there are trade-offs either way you go.

Everyone must be allowed to do what they want to do without interference from others.

So long as it does not interfere with others.

Everyone must be able to hold fast to their bliss and ride it all the way through.

These freedoms must exist.

May i ask why?

Freedom is man’s greatest gift.

There is no advanced civilization without freedom. See what happened centuries ago or now in states where there is none, that’s why.

Me? and Society?
It’s like Water and Oil,It can’t mix and become one.