[software] Infinity

I am afraid the downloads aren’t working. Help please, I really want this to help.

Day one-Had a vivid normal dream. Did reality checks IRL but,didn’t do a reality check in the dream.

Damn. I was on Day 7 last night. Did the first part BEFORE going to sleep. But I could not get to sleep for hours. I took 2 Lucid Dreamer pills (twice dosage) and I think it was keeping me awake. Anyway, because I did not get to sleep until 4 hours AFTER I went to bed, I had to skip the WBTB section.
I suppose I should redo Day 7 tonight?

How come when I want to download the files it says file not found or somehing like that? Last time I tried downloading it (Which was a few months ago) it works… Is anybody experiencing the same problem?

You’ll need the latest link.


Isn’t there anywhere else it can be hosted? That download service is slow, it should be hosted on the website really if it’s as good as everyone says it is :smile:

Hey, I want to try this. BUT I don’t get how to download it :bored: , do I have to download the xviD Codec, or do I have to wait for it to be done buffering?..yeah I’m not good with this stuff :razz:

Edit- Nevermind, I downloaded the wrong thing :tongue: . I’m so noob at this.

Thx for the link Hotpot

To everybody:

I know that my courses are no longer on the once listed servers. I have intentionally taken them off. I am currently working on revisions for not only this course, but for all of my other courses linked from this forum. Upon completion, you will be able to download a PDF version of Infinity, Paradiso, The Lucid Dreaming Digibook, and Lucid Warp.

Until then, I ask that those of you who have temporarily hosted my files take it down immediately. I will be asking the moderators to remove any and all links.

Thank you all for the continued use of my courses and I hope for those of you who haven’t used them yet that you’ll stick around for the official download! Expect to see something by the end of February.

I’m currently trying to get an LD by using the infinity software that BenDrummin made because ice heard it’s really useful and effective but my question is that Ben if we have finished all of the days do we keep on doing the routines every single day?

I’m just asking because right now I’m having school and I don’t think that I can so the WBTB routines everynight

I’d like to know that too as it’s hard to discipline yourself to do it every single night. Plus work commitments makes it hard.

On the plus side, I think I’m making progress. I’m having multiple false lucid dreams so I must be close to getting there.

Hello dear dreamers!

Here I am again, full with questions that I need to get out.

Since my last close step to being Lucid I have not made much progress and remembered that I once downloaded the Infinity software to gain more Lucidity, and finally decided to use it. So far so good, I reached day 4 now and it is the task about WBTB. I restrain from this technique almost as much as from doing WILD, simply because of the fact that I am a very light sleeper.
Once I am awake, I can’t fall asleep anymore. It happened to me last night again and it frustrated me a lot because I need to be fit for my work, so WBTB is a no go for me. So, I kind of am standing at a point of the software now where I can’t go further, is that the end for my quest?

I really do seem to have trouble to gain Lucidity, and I am not frustrated, it just does not come to my mind why it’s so difficult for me. I have been wanting to do it for a while now, but only started to practice since a few weeks. I never had a Lucid dream before, sadly, not that I remember of though.

Do You have any good ideas what a light sleeper like I can do?

Thank you so much!

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I haven’t used the Infinity software (or any of the other ones), so I don’t know how it says you should do WBTB. But the ammount of time you stay up is different for everyone. If you have trouble falling back asleep, your WBTB can be just 5 minutes or less! You’ll have to experiment there. You just want to stay up enough to get your mind awake so you don’t just fall back asleep again, but not too awake!

And WBTB, unfortunately isn’t really good for work or school days :sad: Specially in the beginning since you don’t really know your “times”. I’d recommend doing it on nights you can sleep all you want. But then, in terms of the software days and all, I don’t know :tongue:

There isn’t any reason why you couldn’t go to bed earlier. You know what they say, the early bird gets the worm.

I want to try to use your creations. Is the new release finished? i am really grateful for your hard work.

I’m eager to download your great creations!, Still waiting for the official downloads! :smile:

Are we going to be able to get it soon?

Does this software work on mac?

Still waiting with eager to use your freewares! :wink:

Guys, BenDrummin will have this software up when he has the chance. In the meantime we ask for your patience while waiting for the new links. Please refrain from bumping this topic asking for the them :wink: