[software] Infinity

i cant download the software :sad:

i can download the goods, but the software itself gets an error of the download session being expired :confused:

i tried to download both the windows and pdf and get the same issues :cry:

can anyone help?

Congratulations on your success :content:

As for your question, the answer is yes, you should continue with the entire program. Typical users and recommended instructions say that about six to seven days after day eight is most beneficial. So, that means the entire program from start to finish should last about two weeks. Now, if you’re finding yourself stressed from the routine, stopping the routine is completely up to you. In fact, if you reach that point, I’d recommend stopping entirely for a few days. Being stressed and unmotivated won’t give you lucidity.

As for download issues, I am currently in the process of adding another seperate link for each download of all of my software. If you’re reading this at the time of me posting, expect to see the links within the next half hour or so. Hopefully this should rid of any issues with rapidshare.

Thank you guys for your patience and congratulations to all who have obtained lucidity for the first time!

This looks amazingly helpful, and I’d like to thank you for your help in making other people have lucid dreams. However I’d like to know what is inside:
Is it sound files that I have to listen to in bed? If it’s that, then unfortunately I won’t be able to use it :sad:

What if I already did Day 1 and Day 2 before getting the program? Can I go straight to number 3 or should I start over?

are there files not included? because it mentions “mp3 music”, but none of the files can be considered music. just two hypnosis files and a 30 minute file telling me that i’m dreaming that kind of creeps me out.

The sound files are in “TheGoods” (link provided in first post). Unfortunately those are all of the non-protected ones that I could find. If you can provide anymore that are considered shared music (or have permission by the creator), feel free to post them up here and I’ll include them in “TheGoods”.

jpka159: I’m assuming you did Day 1 and 2 from the PDF. If that’s the case (or you had the information from the program some other way), then it’s encouraged that you progress to day 3. If you have had a somewhat large gap since you’ve done Day 1 and 2, then I’d suggest restarting.

I had a dry spell, and this got me a lucid dream on the 3rd day. It was the most lucid I’ve ever been in a dream too. I’m not really sure if it was just one long dream or a series of dreams. The whole thing took place in my house, but it is broken down into parts. Like, half of it took place solely in my computer room (there were surprisingly a lot of things to do in such a small room) and another part took place in basement, but I have no memory of ever leaving my computer room. Anyway, thanks a lot, this is a great program.

Ooooh I had my first too! Great software! A+++

Is masturbation really as bad for dream recall as the software says?
I’m willing to make a sacrafice, but I’m not running for Jesus :neutral:

I’m not quite sure how to confirm whether or not masturbation can affect dream recall. I’ve done minor expriments on my own with several people, but could not conclude whether or not the results were the way they were due to placebo (such as thinking it would improve made it improve). Regardless, I wrote what I did in the software because regardless, masturbation might lead to a loss of dream recall. Take it out of the equation and you don’t have to run that extra risk. It’s of course up to you in the end.

How important is every step? This morning I was supposed to listen to one of the mp3 files before going back to sleep, but I fell asleep before I even got out of bed.
Should I just continue with the program, or do I have to start over?

Also, Day 8 says that the BWGEN is included in the project’s folder, but I can only find Infinity and its readme.

Just try your best and keep going, no need to start over (unless you just don’t do anything, hah).

If you look on the first post in the downloads section, you’ll see “The Goods required”. Download that and it’ll give you the files required.

the Lucid Remix is wonderful

Ok, so here’s the thing:

On Wednesday, I’m not going to be near this computer, so I won’t be able to do the program. I’m starting it for the first time after I wake up (EST; I think it’ll get confusing to start it at 2am). Could I type out/write down what I have to do for the next few days, but not do them until then, and put the mp3 files on my iPod? Or is it important to be surprised of each step and not know what I’m supposed to do until that day?

I’m probably too late for this response, but I’ll post it up anyway. It’s fine if you know what later days hold for you (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to reuse the program). So, it’s perfectly fine for you to do such a thing :smile:

Alright, just making sure that it doesn’t interfere with the thought process or anything.
And you’re not too late. Turns out that I’m staying on for another week.
Thanks for the info :smiley:

Heh well good luck to you! Sorry for the delay :grin:

Is this a different version than from a few months ago?
I must have downloaded this and Paradiso a year or so ago, is it updated at all?

No. The only reason for a new thread was to give links to a new server and just start over (the other thread had almost 20 pages, lol).

I somehow didn’t wake up from my alarm clock and therefore unintentionally skipped day 6. Should I repeat that process before moving on to day 7? Also can you further describe the hand technique? I don’t entirely understand it. Should the lights be on and I am therefore looking at my hands?