Some advice please

Well to start, I’ve been having LDs since I was about 14 I haven’t had many but, they are very very vivid, and I remember every detail of most of them,and while I’m there I have control over my body and full aware that I’m dreaming but can not control what goes on around me . I’m just now learning what LDs are so I don’t no much about them, but what I have read on here. I would be truly great full for some advice.

You mean you can’t control the storyline or the environment?

Most of the times we can’t control the whole thing, whether if it’s storyline or the environment. When we focus on part of this whole picture that we can change.

For example you are walking some big city and it’s raining, you don’t like that and you change it to sunny. That’s the part you control but everything else is created and controlled by you subconsciously.

Thank you that clears a lot up, now I’ll just have to keep trying these techniques so that can have them more often, it seems I only get them when I am extremely tired.