some help with WILD

Ive been trying a technique called HI WILD, where you imagine stuff and stay focused on that, i think its somewhere on this forums, Anyways i tried it and it seemed to go beautifully until i started to drift off into dream mode, or something very close to it (but no imagery, just a lighting change) and my heart beats really fast and i start to freak out. I could see a vague afterimage of the thing i was imagining though. I have tried relaxation techniques but none seem to work. Ive tried to WILD about 5 or 6 times. Perhaps i am focusing on WILD ing too much? Or should i be. Maybe i need to practice more? Thanks!
(if i spelled anything wrong or theres anything in this paragraph that sounds wrong, please tell me, i remember revising it and finding something but i forgot where it is XD)

Well, I’ve never gotten that far before, so I doubt I can be of much help, but the problem is that the heart racing freaks you out and throws you off? Have you tried calming yourself down enough that you don’t freak out and waiting it out to see what comes next? Assuming that it is a natural part of some phase of the transition into sleep it should be harmless and go away.

:smile: you will find a lot of posts where people have reported the same thing and I too myself have felt the same thing, but here is the thing, its not your heart.

There is another form of energy that runs through your body and what you are feeling (from what I undersatnd through your post) is very natural, infact you can use this into AP or even lucid dreaming.

Do not be afraid of it, instad realise that it is a natural part of falling asleep and that you are this close to alucid dream or astral projection. Focus on it and let it flow, focus on your desire to have aluci dream and focus on creating some images, sounds lights whatever works.

For a week or two just get used to the feeling, then take it to the next step,

Also you may find some mediation useful, focus on opening your charkas and just letting your energy flow, use positive afermations and well as understanding, do a lot of reading and you will find that what you have is gold, you have the ability a key, a way of reaching lucidity every night if you put in the effort have the desire and will.

Focus on your breathing as you fall asleep, use circular as well as deep from your stomach. Relax and focus your mind else where too, on images of your creation, such as a feild, or something exciting what ever to take your mind off it if it helps.

Please let me know how you go, please PM me if you wish more help.


That is the most interesting thing i have heard in two years. : P Well that calms me down, (when my heart races i think about heart attacks so…) since this could be something else other than my heart, ill be less panicky. Ill try getting used to it for the next few weeks, thanks for the information ^^.