Some questions about LDs

First post :happy: and I just have some questions about LDs. I just found out about LDs about 4days ago and I have had one lucid dream already using the MILd but the last 2 days I’m finding it hard to sleep when Im saying “im about to dream and I will
Know I’m dreaming”. Is there a reason it’s hard now and now before? Should I try another method? I’m thinking about SILD.

Also I have been keeping a dream journal and on my first day I only had a couple bullets on one dream. Last night I got 4 fully detailed dreams in my DJ. Is this normal? I feel this is kind of unnatural. Should I be worried? Also on the subject of dream recall does remembering dreams help get LDs more often ? I know it helps vividness and control but does it help how often I get LD?

Thanks! And happy LDing!!!

well if you keep repeating a mantra you wont fall asleep, unless you do WILD. Just repeat the mantra 2/3 times before u sleep then dont repeat it anymore, idk if remembering 4 dreams is normal i think it is cause you can have 5 dreams and only remember 1. but you remembered 4 :meh:

Only 2 or 3 ? So after that do I have to keep my mind clear or can I let it roam

I’m not sure but i think after repeating the mantra you can just sleep like you normally do . and try thinking about your mantras like if your mantra is “I’m going to get a lucid dream” then imagine yourself getting a LD, i read about this and i think this can help to. I wish you a LD night :smile:

Thanks bro you too!