Some Questions for a n00bie

Well i just found about lucid dreams today and i have the following questions:

1.When u are in a lc dream, where are u usually and what does it look like?

2.What does it feel like, for a first lc dream?

Thanks in advanced

  1. It varies from person to person. Everything looks genuinely real, and feels genuinely real. In fact, you may have to continue doing RCs throughout the dream to reassure yourself that you’re not in the waking world.

  2. It varies from person to person. During my first LD, I got so excited that I woke up shortly after I realized I was dreaming (that experience is not unique). But my friend, for instance, had a very low level LD, and just kept following the dream as usual, just with more awareness, memory, decision-making, etc. But if I had to bet, I’d wager that most people get very excited–perhaps too excited–during their first.

Was that helpful at all?

Welcome to the forum, by the way.

thanks for the help and it was helpful. I also have one more question which is,

If i am in a lucid dream and i wanted to get out of it, how would i do that?

Thanks in advanced

  1. There is no set place. You can be lucid in any dream - and like any dream, this can be anywhere. Real, from a movoie, game, or just some weird dream place.

  2. No idea.

  3. Don’t know why you’d want to get out of it (I assume you mean wake up). but everyone has there own way. I, for example, just force my real eyelids open (its a weird feelign).
    However, simply closing yuor eyes is a good enouh way most the time.

  1. I’m usually somewhere strange, but sometimes somewhere familar. If it’s a familar place it’s most often from my past. (school, former home, vacation place, etc. etc.) The realization it’s from my past can trigger lucidity.
    It can look vivid and clear as real as this life, or it can look dark and blurry and filled with “echoes” or “muffled” speech.

  2. For a first time LD it can be cut short from the sheer excitement it creates. Try to remember to stay calm and keep your breathing slow. When you notice lucidity take your time to “ground” yourself and help the scene become steady.

  3. There are a few techniques to try to “get out” of a LD. Some people go to sleep in the LD. I sometimes try blinking, but I most often just use my intention and wake up easily with just the thought of “I wanna wake up now.”
    I wake myself up from LDs so I can remember to write them down. I get annoyed when I continue to sleep after the LD and I don’t remember details.
    Although, it’s a common opinion that LDs aren’t long enough. :wink: Most people just wake naturally out of them.

When I first had a LD it was a TRUE LD. I was at full lucidity, and I just stood in this alley for about 15 seconds staring at the landscape and seeing how real everything felt. I remember seeing a green hankerchif blow across the street, and looking down the street and seeing a large city (I was at the top of a hill overlooking a city). The dream itself only lasted 15 seconds because my alarm clock went off so I could wake up for school. I’ve never achieved that amount of lucidity since, and i’ve had about 8 LD dreams since. I’m trying very hard to get to the point where I can have LDs every night. I just bought Exploring the world of lucid dreaming, and it’s very helpfull in understanding and learning new techniques of LDing.

Well i might try getting a lucid dream tonight. Can anyone recommend me some tips to make me have a lucid dreams.

Thanks in advanced

Ow ! There are a lot of tips ! Have a look on the “Lucidity Intro” and “The Quest for Lucidity” topics and many other stuff in this forum !
There is also the FAQ of the Lucidity Institute at :