Some questions for the masters


As this is my first post on this amazing forum (and hopefully not my last), I’m sure my questions have already been answered in various topics before, but I’ve been unable to find any thread which has given me adequate answers.

For those of you who are lucky enough to have mastered (if even possible?) lucid dreaming, how successful are you at achieving lucidity? Do you have lucid dreams every night, if not, how often? How many dreams do you on average recall every night and in how many of them are you lucid?

Generally for a person sleeping eight hours, it’s most oftenly as if you’ve just gone to bed and almost immediately woken up (unless being lucky enough to randomly remember a (few) dream(s)). For those of you that recall most of your dreams and achieve lucidity in many of them, how long does a normal nights worth of sleep feel like?

What I’m trying to grasp here is what the return of ones’ investment is like, ie. how much does one get out of intensively “studying” lucid dreaming for a longer period of time. I’ve tried two times in the past to really get into lucid dreaming; the first one was unsuccessful and the second one a bit more rewarding, yielding my first lucid dream. However, I decided to have a break for a month before being back here now, motivated to go full circle this time. The greater the return of ones’ time invested into lucid dreaming, the greater my motivation to keep going will be (yoda!). Any response is heavily appreciated, please specify how long you’ve been doing “this” and how intensly!

Dreams and realtime don’t have a proper “link”. As the only thing that defines time to you is what you see and your body clock, dreams can last weeks, months, years, decades or even a whole lifetime. I’ve experienced 1 LD where in reality it was about 3 minuets but in the dream it was a whole day! Dreams are amazing and we discover things every day

I am sorry if I come over too harshly, but I feel like you are approaching lucid dreaming from a wrong angle!
What is all this talk about investment? It sounds like you are weighing the value of Lucid Dreaming against time spend. It makes you look like a business man!
The desire to Lucid dream should come from your heart and soul. It’s not a business transaction. There is no price for lucid dreaming. It’s an amazing gift. It’s your subconscious letting you know that you are ready to learn something else about life and reality. Nothing in the world is as valuable, not even your time.
Spend as much time as you can to attain lucidity, keep optimistic, keep doing reality checks and read up on it as much as you can. You do your part, your deeper self will do the rest. Just be sincere in your effort, don’t weigh it.

You experienced a whole day’s worth of activity in your dream, or did it just seem like a day that whizzed by really quickly? Filling up a whole 24 hours in a dream and being able to remember it all is amazing in of itself.

I once had a ND that felt like a month. or more, its not in my DJ as it was a bit before I started it, but when I woke up, it surprised me that i had woken, as I was in the dream for so long, it felt like reality. I have as much recollection as you would expect to have of a month. Think what you remember about last month, significant events, thats my memory of that dream, and it has yet to fade…

Rcslaney is right, in your mind, time is what you define it to be, time can be non existent, if your successful in making time non existent (which would be hard because we have such a dependency on it IRL) you would probably only wake up if someone woke you or you woke yourself up, you could spend years in there!

I’m certainly not a master, just a guy givin’ his input. But you shouldn’t treat this as a project, it is a path that you have to truely believe that you can achieve. I was surprised when a Mantra worked, and now I believe in it, belief is everything, because if you beleive it enough, your Sub-conscious will take it as possible. Many famous people say “Reality is what you make it”, well if thats so then time is what you make it, in a dream, you are basically the creator!

As soon as I have my first, I plan to stop myself from perceiving time as I do IRL, and thusly make my dream last as long as I want :smile: as can you!!

Try a few different methods. WBTB combined with other methods seems to have much success, as does WILD. Good luck, and remember, it’s not an investment, this is going into your own subconscious its an adventure!!

It was just like a normal day IWL. I became lucid at the beggining because it was a WILD. I was quite bummed when I woke up cause I didn’t have superpowers :sad: other than that it was brilliant!

Wow, that must have really thrown you for a loop. You wake up and it’s like, “oh, the past 30 days were just a dream. Dang!”

yeh, but I met Dr who and travelled in the tardis… then he dropped me off and refused to take me anymore for some reason. when I woke up I was frazzled the whole day… Getting my feet back into reality. then days later I learn about LD’ing :razz:

Right, going back to the original posters questions…

I’m not entirely a “master” as it were, but I have LD’s pretty frequently. It took me a lot of time studying LD’s and learning the finer points of different techniques to figure out that a lot of it was simply staying focused on LD’s. The best advice I can give is question reality at all times and stay active here on the forums. I think a lot of my success has to do with keeping a steady journal, asking questions and then answering others.

If you really insist on looking at this as an input vs. output formula, you’re going to put in a lot more time at first then you will get back. Even now I’ll probably do at least 20 RC’s a day and a couple of hours on the forum (not all at once, mind you), and my average LD time has been around 10 minutes. Not a lot of time, but it sure as hell has been worth it. Also, I’ve come to appreciate my ND’s a lot more as my level of awareness has gone up since I’ve started all this. Lucid or not, dreaming is one of my favorite passtimes.

Now you asked what 8 hours of sleep feels like. You should factor in several things. One, you won’t be in the REM phase of sleep a good chunk of that time, so most of it is lost time in deep sleep. After that, just ask yourself how long a night feels when you clearly remember most of your ND’s. Dream time is similar in both ND and LD, so it’s a good gauge. There are people liek WritersCube who naturally are lucid in every dream, and he’s recorded dreams that last for hours, days and in a few cases weeks. He’s not disoriented when he wakes up and lives his normal life just the same as you and me.

The time it takes for a lucid dream changes from person to person. Ultimately you’ll have to decide if it is worth your “investment.” I’ll say this, I’ve never met an LD’er who has said it’s not.

I would have to agree with some of the posters here–this is not a business transaction. Lucid dreaming is quite possibly one of the greatest things you can do for yourself spiritually. Whether it be for entertainment or for a bit of self enlightening–there’s a lot that you can gain.

The moment you start telling yourself what will and won’t work to have a lucid dream is the moment you give up the ability to become what you call “a master”. Lucid dreaming is obtainable by simply telling yourself that you will have one. Techniques such as MILD, WILD, and everything else, those are simply things to ideally trick your mind into having one. Everything works for someone or another. You just have to do what you feel is suitable.

I guess what I’m trying to get at here is in order to have a lucid dream, your motivations have to be strong-willed and aimed strictly at whatever it is you’re excited about (whether it be flying, self healing, or just exploring your mind). Don’t worry about how long it’s going to take or what so and so did to achieve a similar state. If you really want it, you’ll get there when you’re ready. And, let me tell you, it’s going to be totally worth it, no matter how much time was spent.

If you don’t dream big, you can’t expect to live big :wink:

I’m not one of the best, but I’ve known people who can have lucid dreams every night. At my best I could do three or four a week and remember multiple dreams throughout the week.

It takes practice, but lucid dreaming isn’t exactly hard. It’s much easier than training for a marathon, in my opinion. It’s definitely worth the effort. :smile:

Im not a master of it, but you can say I have a black belt in Lucid Dreaming !  first off, welcome to the forum! Im new too, so I hope you feel welcomed. :smile: How successfual am I in this: Pretty good.  Do I have Lucid Dreams everynight? mostly.  How many dreams do I have in one night? sometimes 1, but the highest was 8 the other time!  What's it like to have a normal dream/sleep? Strange!! How long have I been doing this? everysince I was born. How intensly? Well, it just comes Natural to me. :smile:

Buy the way, if your curious about dreams, and Lucid Dreams, Go to the thread : Dream Journal, and click on my thread " DreamGirl19 dream last night" Last night I had 6 differnt dreams, while Lucid, and you can see what are my dreams are like!!

First off, thanks for all of the replies.

Secondly, I think that I formulated myself a bit incorrectly in my original post. I’m definitely not looking at it as if it was a business transaction or anything like that. I was mostly just wondering how often skilled dreamers reached lucidity in their dreams, if it wasn’t more than a couple every month or a few every night.

The reason as to why I used a “return on investment” formula was because it would be so much more motivating or easier? to remember to keep doing the ready checks all throughout the day, to spend 30+ minutes every night trying to achieve wake induced lucid dreaming, the more frequently you reach lucidity in your dreams once you’ve become very skilled at it.

I’m not also completely new on the subject and I’ve had a lucid dream before (after a week of disciplined ready checks and lots of concious thinking before going to sleep), so I am aware of the amazing benefits for your inner self. Right now, my understanding or belief, is that becoming a frequent lucid dreamer may very well be the most rewarding gift you can give to yourself!