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I would attempt a search for answers to this situation, but I can’t for the life of me, figure out how I’d enter the search criteria :bored:
I’ve been interested in the phenomenon of lucid dreaming for many years, and I’ve read reams of online material concerning all aspects of it.
I don’t have a problem with dream recall, so that step is covered (a very common subject around the dinner table while growing up, and I’ve continued the practice by encouraging it with my own children).

Apparently, without using any other technique than spending a few seconds of “intent” before drifting off, I am able to recognize that I am dreaming the moment it begins. No special reality check maneuvers, no sound or light gizmos, etc … just my own little mind, seeing the first scene in my dream, and recognizing it as such immediately.
E.g. I am in my friend’s living room, and watch myself walk across the room … when I look at my face, I realize that it’s not mine, but my daughter’s … “hey, hey … wait a minute here … that’s not me … this is a dream!”.
All of which sounds wonderful at first glance, except that I can NOT remain asleep :sad:
The moment I realize that I’m dreaming, I regain consciousness. Disappointed, I drift back to sleep, only to have the same thing happen … walking along a nearby path through a wooded area, I turn my head to see a horse standing, grazing in an open area beside the path … “hold on just one minute … we have deer wandering around these parts, but no horses - I’m dreaming!” … at which point, I awaken … again.
It seems that I am able to do this indefinitely, but after a few failed attempts, I give up and allow myself to fall asleep without the intent of recognizing the dream state … gotta sleep, and all …
I’ve read a lot of material concerning the “spin” technique for remaining in the dream state, but I seem to leave the dream state before I have the opportunity to try it.
From what I can tell, if I could find a way to remain in the dream state, I’m in like Flynn … so very, very close to achieving the goal of lucidity … very frustrating.

I’m searching for methods, other than the “spin” method, that might help me to this end. I welcome any and all suggestions and advice.
Thank you in advance for all your help! :happy:

I don’t like the spinning method … it lost me one of my first LDs :sad:

using verbal commands …
increase lucidity
more colour
etc work

rubbing your hands together stabilises the dream, as does feeling dream surfaces…

just spending a few seconds to take in your surroundings when first lucid … focussing on textures etc

at least you have lots of opportunities to get your stabilising techs to work :thumbs:

So you’ve been interested in Lucid dreaming for years, how long have you attempted it? Has it been like that for years? Because for beginners I could say that as you get more experienced you simply learn to stay longer. But if it’s been like that for years you probably need to do something. If the problem is getting too excited then meditate, to be more calm. If it’s a mental block, like, you expect the dream to end because “it always does”. Try meditating for that too.
If you’ve read about LDing a lot, you must be aware of hypnogogic images. Are you absolutely certain they aren’t HI?

Well that’s something I’ve never considered before! :cool: I don’t like the spinning but much myself and has only worked a couple of times. I often use my hands as a guide to see if I am LDing as they are usually such a tell-tale and always with me (I hope!).

I will try to remember to touch things next time :grin:

Yeah, during HI one is still awake, so it’s important to recognize them in relation to the dream itself. Also, are you able to do anything, like look at your hand, or you just awake?

Moreover, if WILD does not work, there’s always DILD that could be attempted. I’d suggest trying do induce LD with DILD to get to know what a LD feels like…


I’ve been interested in LD for years, but have only tried it sporadically a few times here and there.

I’m not certain at all - I never knew there was a difference! I thought that, if I was watching imagery in my mind’s eye, after falling asleep, that I was dreaming.
If I am, in fact, experiencing HI … how can I, while asleep, tell the difference??

Well. HI refers to images that appear as you fall asleep. So if you are asleep. then technically those should be dream images. We could discuss definitions but in truth they are just labels. In my own experience, The hypnogogic imagery evolves to become a world that I can interact with, and then at some point I enter completely into it.
Sometimes I am surprised by hypnogocic hallucinations. It’s like i was drifting off, and then suddenly I experience something, Like music, or a scene. And at that moment I become alert and it disappears, I realise I had not fallen asleep.

How can I tell the difference between “dream” and “HI”?

HI changes quickly at start ,and can be morphing one into another,you can not focus on the details,no sound or feeling related to the image that apears.When one image stops and stays longer,it becames more you observe it ,soon you are inside of a dream.When entering dream without intent of becoming lucid,you can not remember the transition.And transition is a bit confusing,i mean the moment you phisicly enter
inside the scene,you can easy loose conciousness.

Not to thread jack… but because it’s relevant to where this thread is going… What’s the best way to submerse yourself into an HI and actually fall asleep and begin to dream that HI? I personally snap out of it as soon as I start to get involved with it and then start over with some new HI. But never do I make it all the way in.

Regarding bandog’s technique, it sounds a lot like auto-suggestion. Concerning the prolonging of dreams, it’s natural for people to wake up right when the realize they’re dreaming. Make sure you’re not too excited when you realize it, and as moogle said, don’t forget to stabilize the dream first! :smile:

Concerning HI: HI is something you get only when you’re falling asleep. That means you’re still awake. Once you are asleep, you can no longer get HI. How can you detect the difference? Well, it differs from person to person, but personally, my HI is usually VERY LOW res. That, and when it’s high quality, I find that if I try to focus on it, it fades away. Basically, HI is (to me) far less stable than a dream.