Something dream researchers have concluded...

what a load of rubbish! Those researchers probably never dream themselves! If I told myself often enough I would be blue in my dreams then yes, I probably would be. Dreams are such a great creation of our minds and souls and they are so unique to the individual, that’s what makes them so amazing! I think those dream researchers need to get out more to check their ‘results’ and dream more themselves!

Oh, um… just forget everything I said… Tundra said it so much better!
I completely agree with you Tundra :yes:

Check - Colour
Shatterspike1 - Colour
bodhibay - Colour
krakatoa - Colour (guessing by your post)
Snape - Is weird or broken :tongue:
Tundra - Colour (guessing by your post)
Mohegan - Colour

Wow… we must all be in that special 5% then. Not one person here so far seems to dream in black and white. I think that is myth busted.

Oh… Mohegan’s Dad - Black and White. Zomg they exists!

Both :grin:

Actually, I dream in Sepia :razz:
By the way, professional image alteration you have there, Mohegan :uh:

EVERYONE dreams in color, it’s simply a question wheather you brain can recall this. Some people can recall details as colors, some can’t. This could also be a question of vividity.

Oh, well uh… thanks for clearing that up for us MM :tongue:

well said guys well said :content:

yeh I agree with this , I don’t have that great a recall I can remember what happened but not too much detail so the people who answered the researchers study must have taken their not too vivid dream as black and white because their dreams are not detailed enough to see(or remember the) colours.


How interesting. Just yesterday, one of the polls on my Wii’s Everybody Votes Channel asked whether you dreamt in color or not.

I dream in color, but my parents dream in black&white.

For what I thought was going to be a post that irritated me, I’m actually now finding it interesting! (Sepia eh? Very posh!)
Mind you, i do still think Dream Researchers DO need to get their facts right… I mean, that’s their job isnt it? :neutral:

I am pretty sure that dreaming in color is more common then black and white.
Well, atleast I dream in color. :bored:

I’m pretty sure it’s the opposite. You can instead ask how many people dream really vivid and how many dream blurry.

it’s weird this came up. I remember a dream i had this morning, I remember the events, but I don’t remember what colour the guys clothes were when I ran from him (example), So who’s to say I dreamt in colour? I do believe that it’s how vivid you remember the dream. I mean, all my lucids so far have had colour in them, I remember the sky being a beatiful red, and the grass being green.

To confirm Mohegans guess, I do dream in color. Can’t remember ever dreaming in black and white.

I think it would be interesting to see a survey with some follow up questions. Like, are they interested in dreams? Do they pay attention to them? Have people always told them dream are in black and white? Do they believe it’s possible to dream in color? Questions like that.
I have a sneaking suspucion they might not be paying that much attention. Perhaps even guessing that they dream in black and white. Like, a whole bunch of them at least.

It could be a bit more then dream researchers getting their facts right. I know that I used to dream in black and white. That may have been caused by black and white TV’s. For years they were very common. Now days everyone has color TV’s.
It take a while before research gets from data collection to publication in scientific journals to publication in generally accessible places. Some of the research that people are reading could be very old.
Wither you dream in color or black and white is probably one of the things that depends a lot on what you expect. Movies and TV used to be in black and white, so people could have thought that dreams should also be in black and white. Just like now, most people don’t think that dreams are important, so lot’s of people think that they don’t dream, or just forget about the dreams that they have. There are some people here who said that when they were young they had LD’s, but then stopped. It was just not important enough for them, so they stopped remembering their dreams, and lost the lucid dreams.
Now days everything is in color, so everyone that is young enough to not remember the times when everything was in black and white, just expect everything to be in color, so dreams are also in color.
I also know that for some of my dreams, as time passes, then memory goes from color to black and white, but I know that lots of my dreams where in black and white. It was a lot like watching TV or going to the movies. I was in the places and doing the things that some of the actors did, and we were all black and white, just like on TV or in the movies.

It is possible that TV does do it, some TV’s were a more sepia colour than greyscale.

That said I had a Black & White TV until I was 10yrs old, but never had Black & White dreams. My dad on the other hand didn’t get colour TV until he was around 35ish. Yet he dreams in black & white mostly.

He has had a few instances where he was dreamed a rare colour dream followed by black and white dreams. If it was a matter of your brain remembering colour why would he remember the first dream in colour and not the rest?

It’s a question about your Dream Recall, wheather your memory is good enough to recall colors and other less important details. Everyone dream in color, therefore all lucid dreams are in color, cause then you’re fully aware of the details.

Not really. You may be aware of it at the time, but your recall when you wake up won’t miraculously be better because you were lucid. Many of my earlier LDs I have very little recall with, less than my average dreams in some cases. During my teens 13-16/17 I had very poor recall, to the point I was only remembering having dreams 1/2 per week at most yet all of them were in colour.

I find it hard to believe that recall has influence on colour to that high a degree, when you take into consideration dreams where colours were extremely vibrant, beyond anything in waking life, and yet recall was low it’s rather contradictory. While it may play some part, I feel there has to be more to it that simply recall. :hmmm:

One thing you have to remember is the time people grew up, for the older members of the forum it may be because colour wasn’t a big part of life when they were young. I mean TVs were either black & White or White and Brown, clothing was pretty much brown, black, navy and a creamy white.
There were very few bright or radiant colours because they couldn’t make them. Look at really old houses, the paint colours are a dull flat colour.

It wasn’t until more recently that colours took off, the 60’s kick started it, but even then many colours were still dull compared to what you would see today. It was life that was dull in colour.

Today, colour is a big part of many people’s life, not just in what we see and technology. But fashion as a whole, it is important to look good to many people and colour is how it is done. Life and colour have changed and I think for many people that is really the difference between how they dream. Real life is the biggest dream influence there is and has to play some part in colour.

Even if they didn’t put so much color in things in the past, Though I think they did put bright colors on things even then, It doesn’t mean that everything was dull in color. Grass will have been just as green back then, the sky just as blue, blood just as red. It’s not enough to make the perceptual system not recognise colors, and so ignores them in dreams.
But it does make sense that watching black and white movies and TV plays a part, since that entertainment probably has influenced our fantasy life alot. And if we find ourselves in a situation like in a movie, then we should remember the black and white atmosphere.
If so then ofcourse black and white dreams must have been a realtively short lived trend in human history. Caused by movies and TV. Imagine what HDTV can do to peoples dream lives!

/me :peek:

I had black and white TV upto the age of 15 and all my dreams were in colour. The only dream that even had a black and white sequence in it was quite recently Main Dream…Walk in the Pitch Darkness.