my friend old me that he found this way of increasing your dreams lengths, by focusing on the bottom part of your spine, and working your way up it until you reach your head, he said he tried it and it worked every night, he even had a DiLD once doing it, he said it increased his dream lenth by at least 7 times, i tried it for 2 nights, and it helped me a lot with my dream recall, but it didnt lengthen my dream all that much, meybe a little, has anyone else ever tried this? :happy:

It sounds like a meditation (or relaxation) technique. Concentrating on a body part and visualizing energy traveling from point to point is a good way to shut out external distractions, which can help with autosuggestions. Similar techniques involve focusing on your heart, or “third eye” (area above and between your eyes).

I’ve had some very positive results with this method, and I highly recommend it. If practiced in the early morning (after a few hours of sleep), it can also be an effective way to induce a WILD. You just have to keep your mind awake somehow after completely relaxing your body. :tongue:

yeah, i’ve heard a lot of good things about it, it really seems to work

From the base of the spine to the top of the head is also the order chakras are aligned in.

Maybe you experiment with visualizing the colors associated with each chakra? :wink:

You might get some interesting results :smile:

What exactly do you visualize of your spine?

if i knew the colors, then yeah

its hard to explain i guess, like focusing on one part, and moving your way up, like pretending to feel something pressed against the area

A while ago someone posted a color visualisation technique. That I found was helpful for having more vivid dreams. I didn’t associate it with chakras at the time but i du believe they give the chakras the different rainbow colors, wich are the same as in the visualisation technique. Wich was to just visualise something of the different colors. I think the colors mentioned were red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. That only leaves one chakra colorless. I thought that Indigo was the missing one, since i learned in school about the colors of the rainbow. But on internet pages about colors, they have put in cyan instead. In either case they are between blue and violet.

Ps. I am reading about chakras. Aparently, it’s indigo that’s the missing color.

Yeah, it’s coral red, orange, yellow, green, azure blue, indigo and violet.

Thinking about it, I once read something on ATS about visualizing colors to attract the attention of greys (you’re right: aliens!). If you do the exercise they mentioned, you’ll hallucinate. And because of all the expectation you’ve build up, you’ll most likely see a grey.

Of course, the people “talking with greys” there had no doubt in their mind that they were really talking with greys from outer space.

… So don’t be surprised if freaky stuff happens while you concentrate on the colors: it’s all in your mind!