Spontaneous Lucidity Mystery

Hi Dreamers,

For the past week I had spontaneous 4 lucid dreams and the funny thing is: I can’t remember HOW ik became lucid.
Normally I remember the moment that I realise I’m dreaming very well. But not at all in the last 4 dreams. No WILD, no MILD, nothing… Just spontaneous, suddenly lucid like it’s the normalest thing in the world…

My question to you guys/gals: do you have any idea how I can’t remember becoming lucid in these dreams…

Have anyone of you experienced this as well?

Maybe your becoming a natural :razz: (Just a guess)

Bad recall? Perhaps you simply forget what triggered your lucidity. Especially if you don’t you even remember thinking “I must be dreaming” or something like that. If it’s not bad recall, how do you know if it weren’t FLD’s?

Were these dreams very long? Could it be that they have started in one sleep stage and carried over into the next? I have sometimes been lucid in the non rem stage, especially after serious sleep deprivation. The sense of time and short term memory is very unclear in that state. Has something changed in your sleep schedule or sleeping conditions?

Same here.

In this week i just realize i’m dreaming without doing any reality checks. I just listen some music that makes me LD 'ish, or in day i think about being lucid.

My problem is i don’t remember i can change my environment in my dream. I just know i’m dreaming and following the main dream script.

@ Brb 123
Both recall and FLD seem non-logical. I have very detailled memory of the lucid dream itself. But it just starts from no memory at all to 100% recall…
It’s not FLD, i’m very much in control of the dream, they are actually more vivid than normal…

The dreams are not particularly long, but there has been a change in sleep conditions. The nights I was having these dreams I kept waking up after each dream (and go to the bathroom). Normally this isn’t the case.
After the first sponaneous and extremely vidid LD I decided to pick up lucid dreaming again and writing a journal. So i write down dreams in middle of the night as well… I’m not sleep deprived though.

I wonder under which conditions these spontaneous lucid dreams arise. And maybe the circumstances can be recreated!

i have two things for you-

  1. i am jealous…
  2. if i were you i wouldn’t have bothered about it…i mean its interesting for us, but for you, ahh, just go taste the thunder man… :thumbs:

@others not so blessed LDers
my spontaneous LDs come under WILD section only…n they are not so often…life’s unfair…

From my first very lucid dream I also don’t remember anything at all about what happened before becoming lucid. It was like waking up (sitting behind a desk) in a dream with my nose still pinched. Maybe your recall just started a 5 seconds later than mine. :tongue:

No need to be jealous i think…
I asked you guys because its not normal what’s happening, I was just wondering if other people have similar experiences…

I’m working on dream recall atm, going from 0 dreams to about 3 or 4 a night right now because im keeping a journal again. Maybe it’ll boost the recall of LD’s as well.

I can usually remember 10 seconds before i do my RC and become Lucid in the majority of my LDs.

@ DutchThor
was just joking man…
i’m missing so many dream signs lately…wish i could go lucid like you…

i remember my first LD was like that…i was highly enthusiastic that day…had read and watched everything related to LD… plus i really wanted to meet a certain person in that dream…

are you like hoping for something to happen in your dream…

Sometimes I just realise that I’m dreaming without doing RC , but I still don’t know why :confused:

I hope you´re not done with the theme or i repeat something, but, i had these dreams too an I liked it. These are the dreams where you suddenly get the thought “I´m dreaming” Without Rc´s or something strange. In these dreams I normally have a very confident feeling at the beginning and became lucid later. I think this has to do with the subconscious( Hope i write it right :smile: ). To induce these dreams where the LucidWarp software created, and I think if you think long enough over LD´s and how easy they are to induce you SC understands the signal and give you that. So be confident

Every time :smile:
This is normal, since your mind is somewhat getting used to lucid dreaming.
That’s good, obviously.

Every time I become lucid, it’s completely random.
No dreamsigns or anything at all that would suggest I am dreaming.

When I think back now, I also don’t recall what I was doing before I became lucid.
Lucid dreams are much easier to remember than the normal ones.
And since there was no dream sign which while you weren’t lucid and no connection to the normal dream, you just forgot it.

I think this is it.

Yeah, I do this too. Maybe not lately, since my last two or three were more mini-WILDs/DEILDs. However, I almost always used to become lucid randomly. I wouldn’t even have a reason to say it, the thought would just pop up, “Oh, I’m dreaming!” (Though sometimes lucid got substituted for dreaming, but it still worked.) It was especially true when I was younger and didn’t know about techniques like we use here (other than a DJ and wanting to have an LD). I haven’t had as many of those random DILDs lately since I actually do use RCs in dreams to make sure now (at least some of the time). I must say, the nose RC is really fun to do in-dream. :spinning: I kinda miss those random DILDs, but I’m grateful for any LDs I get. DEILDs are fun too… I remember my first one. I transitioned from a non-lucid dream into a almost-waking state into a lucid dream. (No clue why I decided to float in the fog to see where I’d end up while I was non-lucid, but hey, it worked and it was really cool.)

Now for some of those DILDs I don’t remember what I was doing before I became lucid, but I do remember the lucid parts cause those are usually more fun (and conscious). :tongue: Anyway, sounds like those were some great LDs. I wish you more great LDs!

yes, sometimes I don’t know what triggered the lucid dream. my advice: start to think more about your mode of thought in your dreams. are you question your surroundings more? does something seem out of place? sometimes I simply bypass the RC because I just already know (for instance realizing I’m in my childhood home that I haven’t even been in in 12+ years)

do not ignore what causes you triggering lucidity! if you simply “don’t care” and are content with simply becoming lucid, your lucidity will not be as strong. at least for me, lucidity is all about the quest of understanding consciousness, so for me I examine ever aspect. I’m happy to have had close to 100 lucid dreams, yet I still know there is so much more to learn/experience.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your responses.

Tonight I had two LD’s again, one WBTB and one spontaneous, but now I remember how I became lucid!

I just gradually gained control over the dream, I just suddenly started to make lucid changes and I knew I was dreaming and that I had control. Weird, but this just might be a new step in my quest for lucidity.

Since yesterday I’m experimenting with Senoi dream-techniques. The Senoi’s are a people of hunter gatherers in the indonesian jungle, whose culture revolves around Lucid Dreaming. It’s the most fascinating thing I’ve read in a long time!
I read it in a book I got from a second-hand bookstore. But there is also a good website: psych.ucsc.edu/dreams/Library/senoi.html