Staying conscious through the night

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I was wondering, and I saw someone saying they did this once, but is it possible to stay conscious through the whole night? Staying aware throughout all NREM and REM sleep and then starting over?

Is it possible to train the mind to get to this point?

And one more question, would it be bad for your health? I mean, I’ve been wondering if losing consciousness is actually necessary/good for you, or if it’s just a way the body gets the mind shut up and go to sleep. :eh:

I have met a women who claim to be consciously through the nights. So seems that its possible, but rarely achievable.

They say that Tibetan Dream Yogis can do this. But the Yogis of Tibet devote their lives to mental practise. Even so, how can one be sure consciousness is not lost now and then during the night? It’s not like one is conscious to notice it.


consciousness is always present, even in deep sleep, if you notice it, that is the key

for instance when you go to ebd, you might not be “conscious” but there is still mind activity going on, and you notice HH occur there, so you are actually conscious, just in a different way

the trick is keeping yourself to where you remember and understand everything that happens

and to do that you need to pass outside of dreams and HI into a void of non-existence or white light, so that karma rises and falls away, disappearing in its tracks.

Thanks for the replies and link. :wink: Yoga nidra sounds interesting., never heard of it. :tongue:

EDIT: in that link I saw a video about yoga (that mentions yoga nidra). It’s really interesting indeed. :smile:

I have another interesting link : a conversation between LaBerge anf Tholey.
Link :

Quote :
"Tholey: I remember once when I slept in the lab, I was in a lucid state two times for five hours during that night. I was able to direct all the dreams!

LaBerge: I am still interested in the stage of sleep you were in. When you say, “I was lucid the whole night,” do you mean that you have some way of knowing that you were lucid for every minute of the night or that it would happen again and again throughout the night?

Tholey: The physiological data and the phenomenological data prove it. I also signaled in between. There is another important thing that happened. I had the experience that, all of a sudden, I was awake and in a totally different situation and then, all of a sudden, in the dream situation again. I restabilized the dream mainly with eye movements and movements of the body."

Thanks SRV73, very good link. read the whole thing too. :content: