Staying logged on

In the helpdesk we have a thread about “staying logged on.” We ask that you put “” in your “cookies exception” list in your web browser.

With the temporary setup of our new server you may have problems staying logged on. Instead of excluding “” you may need to exclude “” the IP address.

In Internet Explorer, go to: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > “Edit” button at the bottom > and add “” into the exception box and click “allow.”

This can be used for the next few days until everything technical is updated and refreshed.

I don’t use Internet Explorer DA :tongue:

haven’t had any problems with Firefox though.

I know you better than that Dark Matter. :wink:

This is a common problem with IE6’s default cookie blocking features, and I’m not even sure if this affects other browsers the same. Since the majority still use IE I thought it was worth bringing attention to.

I also don’t know if this “temporary fix” works, because I just had to re-login. :tongue:
… but, if after all the dust settles and you still have a problem staying logged on, check the helpdesk!

AOL users. If you still can’t stay logged on, minimize out of AOL and open IE. It is not a perfect solution but it seems to be working for me.

Arrgh it’s still not working even though I added both sites to the “allow cookies” list. I’m using Mozilla Firebird, btw.

If there is a way to, try and minimize the browser you are using then open IE. It has been working for me. You still have to sign on(again) every time you make a post but, it works.

when i used IE, i set the cookie handling my self the auto feature sucks.

I put 1st party cookies to accept and 3rd party to prompt. Was you get through the bulk of 3rd party cookies you don’t get the popups anymore. But there was a lot of spywear related cookies that you have to look out for if you do that.

Dark Matter

I use my firewall to handle cookies not IE. It works much better and you have more control. You can block the spyware cookies and just keep the cookies you want.

why you directing it @ me milod? I haven’t used ie for over a year.