Strange feeling when get lucid

So today I was the first time in my life (i think) lucid.
IRL I did many RC so that this night I made the “breath trough closed nose” check.

First I felt that I CAN breath trough it and then I get an strange, but exciting feeling, like an adrenaline boost or something.

Is that normal ?
(actually I don’t know if this is the right forum to post in :confused: )

It’s absolutely normal, you just succeeded in getting a lucid dream so it’s only natural that you would experience some excitement ! You just need to learn to remain calm or it’ll wake you up or make you lose lucidity.

Good luck !

A lucid dream is not reality.
That fact alone can be a really strange realization when you have one for the first time, it can be a truly overwhelmning prospect that everything around you is fictional, something made up by your own mind, and yet feels so convincing.

What you should do now is to actually feel really happy that you had a lucid dream.
You have been practicing for this and now you had one, isn’t that awesome?
Don’t make the mistake that you try to think of things you did “wrong” and “failed” or whatever, be very happy that you had a lucid dream instead.

I get the same feeling every time I become lucid. Better than any other kind of euphoria

I feel weightless and the air feel much different than the air of reality