Strange Symbol - How to interpret this dream?


A few time ago I incubated a dream task: to find how to get more physical and mental energy during the day. I wanted to learn, in my dream(s) what things could I do in order to increase my energy, because I am always tired. Then, later that night, I had a
dream where I was looking to the sky and suddenly the moon and the sun joined together to create a silver image like this:

The symbol was like that, but in a vertical position (just rotate 90º the image I posted).

I never heard about the Triple Goddess Symbol before. It seems wicca stuff. I dont even like (neither dislike) or have any interest on Wicca, but that was the symbol I saw (unless the symbol means something else). While searching on internet, I found that: as symbolizing a “fertility cycle”.[46] This model is also supposed to encompass a personification of all the characteristics and potential of every woman who has ever existed.[47] Other beliefs held by worshippers, such as Wiccan author D. J. Conway, include that reconnection with the Great Goddess is vital to the health of humankind “on all levels”.
(from wikipedia:

Using the “if it were my dream” idea from Robert Moss, I would like to ask for your opinion. If it were your dream, how would interpret my dream and relate that to my original question (how to increase energy)? How to use it in a practical level?

Thanks for your insights

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First, thanks for fixing the URL problem.

Second, I would like to ask what should I do next time in order to avoid problems…how should I post URLs?

Third, when I first created the topic, the same was blank…why? Thanks

To be honest, I meant to reply to this when I fixed the URL. I got so distracted tracing the bug down that I completely forgot! My apologies for that.

As for the bug, it’s something I’ve never seen before, but basically improper URL encoding (eg: having a parenthesis in the url) inside of a [url] tag would cause the post to fail to display. I’m still not 100% certain why this is, but to avoid it in the future, replace the ‘(’ with ‘%28’ and and ‘)’ with ‘%29’ like I did in your post above.

On topic, the Triple Goddess symbol is primarily Wiccan, but also used in other New Age religions. Typically it’s a symbol of feminism/feminine energy, the lunar cycles (as the symbol itself is made of a waxing crescent, full moon, and waning crescent). Because of the connotations of feminine and lunar cycles, it is also linked to fertility. Alternatively, it is also often linked to the “Maiden, Mother, Crone”, a concept of a triple deity representing the stages of life. Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of the Maiden/Mother/Crone and I like the more direct lunar meanings.

As for your dream, the most telling information about a particular symbol comes from what you thought about it at the time. Did you think of it as the joining of the sun and moon or as something else? That’s what I think would be most worthwhile to analyze.

Yeah, I’m not really coming up with any good strong link to increasing daily energy levels, but I hope this gives you a little more insight.

Thanks for your answer.

Like you, I dont see any connection. Maybe I should drop this dream since its not helpful on any means regarding my original question.

About your question: in the dream it was the sun and the moon joining together to create a symbol that I didnt knew (and btw, I really dont like Wicca stuff…its something very “teen” to me with all respect to the fans of Wicca).

If there is something like a Superior Dream Ego - whatever you call it - I think that sometimes such Ego is completly useless and not very smart. Whats the point of giving you an answer that you cant grasp?

Not every dream will answer a question, and especially not everyone will answer the question you’re expecting it to. Sometimes they happen to create new questions, too.

In the end though, there is also a degree of randomness. It’s entirely possible the dream was just a result of something you saw once that was lingering in the back of your mind.

Now I believe more on that possibility about that particular dream.