Strange Thanksgiving expirance.

We cooked our turkey, and everything was fine. Well the next day we are still snaking on the turkey, and I went to get the leg, and spit it out, because it was spoiled, I smelled it to see if it was my imagination, but it did have an oder to it. Then with it one hour the smell got alot worse. It was the strong oder of a dead animal. I dont think I can ever eat turkey again, and I hope noone gets sick. You should of smelled it. Ive never in my life seen anything like this. It was really bizzar if you could of smelled it you would know what I mean. I mean it was awfull. WTF?

Extremely fast decomposition? Sounds grody. Maybe you’re just possessed, Kava.

Im a little freaked out by it. I would allmost call it a paranormal expirance. The turkey was frozen when we cooked it so it was good.

Wow, haha! :smile: