Studio Ghibli

/me faints with shock…

I was really impressed with Princess Mononoke, but I don’t think that its the 3rd best animation film (according to a survey taken in japan; 1st; spirited away, 2nd; howls moving castle)

I’m a big fan of Ghibli films, especially those by Hayao Miyazaki. Can’t wait till his new film, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, gets released this July :content:

I’ve never heard of the studio before. Do they have good animations?

sighs They are fabulous.
They are a bit…well…odd, but you soon get used to them. They are very differently paced from studios like Disney, but I don’t see disney the same way now, compared to these they’re waaay to shiny and plastic.
Try watching Spirited Away, or Howl’s Moving castle…These are the ones that have had some of the best reviews; but they are all fabulous…

I heart Totoro though…

:loves Studio Ghibli: :smile:


Me tooooo!

I actually watched that when it came out! Man … that movie freaked me out.

I know, its all a bit freaky isn’t it…

That was the first one I watched, it’s just completely encaptivated me. I can’t get enough! grins

I’m also a fan of studio Ghibli. What comes from them is always very well done. May I remind you all of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, or cute Kiki, so kawaiiiii :tongue:

Nausicaa is wonderful I agree…and note: my avatar is Jiji!! :tongue: giggles

Yes, I am happy to report I’ve never been disappointed with any of their works.

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I really need to buy all the Ghibli movies.

Tundra-is your avatar Kiki’s cat?




Yes, that is Kiki’s cat… :smile:
I can give you a list of all the Ghibli films if you want. :smile: (not that I’m an addict or anything…)

I know/have seen all of his main ones, however I haven’t finished Island In The Sky. (If thats what it was called)

Laputa Castle in the Sky…I think you mean…

God they’re beautiful.
I’ve forced my parents to watch several…they’re glad I did!! My mum is now addicted to Spirited away and Howls moving castle.
Kiki is still my dad’s favourite!

I completely forgot about Grave of the Fireflies.

That really was a sad movie to watch.

Ah! I haven’t seen that one yet! God, I’ve heard that its really really depressing…that’s the only reason they brought out Totoro, to cheer up people who’ve watched the Grave of the Fireflies!! laughs

The only one I’ve seen was Spirited Away
…I feel left out :sad:

Aw… well they aren’t that expensive I’ve found…

But tell me, you did like spirited away didn’t you?!

lol. Yeah :content:

I’ll try and find the other movies on the interweb.

That’s the one. :smile: