Subconscious blocking lucidity?

I had a dream that I was walking through a very rocky desert, with a nice breeze. Then, I noticed a giant crater. I thought “That doesn’t seem normal…” and immediately did the nose plug RC, and I realized I could breathe just fine. I was eccentric! I took a step foreward to explore some more, but then a tractor beam came out of the sky and I started floating upward. A gray haze covered everything, and then I awoke.

Has anything like this happened to you?

How do I prevent it if it happens again?

I just feel like I’ve stumbled across something my subcnscious wants me to stay out of.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Welcome to the forums, MCW. :smile:

Anyway: Something similar happens to me in that it seems like whenever I talk to dream characters, they are very unenthusiastic about me being lucid and actually seem to disapprove. One reason this may happen, or what’s happening with you, is that your mind is so unused to the idea of lucid dreaming that it rejects it. Your subconscious may feel that lucid dreaming is foreign and therefore tries to destroy it or alter it in some way.

The way I think you can prevent this is two-part. First, just lucid dream more. This will let your mind get used to the idea that you are lucid dreaming and will hopefully become familiar with lucid dreaming. Second, try to stay motivated about lucid dreaming. If you give enough importance to lucid dreaming, maybe your subconscious will pick up on that and not reject it.

In any case, good luck to you and happy dreaming. :smile:

There are always blocks to be stumbled over with new things. Everything that Yves says is right.
I suggest you start reading a book on lucid dreaming if you haven’t already. And have a dream journal by your bed. Do what you can to let your subconscious know that LD’ing is something good and of great interest to you and that you accept it into your life.

Thank you for the advice! :happy:
I’ll give it a shot.
Do you recommend any titles in particular?

the only advice i have is buy books from authors who actually know what their talking about, i’ve actually bought a thirty dollar book from a store and found out it had all the wrong, misleading, unclear, and generally bad information any book could ever have in it.
stuff like “after the vibrations and buzzing has stopped (in terms of O.B.E.'s), roll over to enter the dream world, and do an RC.”
when going for an O.B.E., this is just completely ridiculous, and i actually just threw the book away. (didnt even want to return it so anyone else could possibly read it.)
the best information i’ve seen on this is actually from this website, from people who’ve actually had experience with this kind of thing.

Thanks man.
I’ll do my research and see what I can find!