Swallowing while trying to WILD

I just found out about lucid dreaming a little while ago so I started keeping a dream journal and doing reality checks. But WILD seemed more promising for me so I tried it. when ever I try it at night I just fall straight to sleep. But when I try it during the day I get to the point where my body buzzes if I’m using the binural beats app which I got, and if I’m trying with out it it takes longer but I get to a point where my body feels like it’s floating around in both cases I start seeing blue at this point. I know this is close to my body falling asleep but when ever I near that point I start getting a great urge to swallow and when I reached that point I swallow automaticly meaning without me wanting or trying to swallow. The swallow always messes up the state and I go back to where I was before. I’ve tried it on my back and with my head to the side. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to avoid swallowing. All advice is welcome. Thank you.

Ah yes! Someone else with the same problem!

I tried to WILD for my first time, I got to a point where I felt this tingling feeling all over my body, but I then I automatically swallowed and it went away… People have said just don’t think about it, just the dream.

Well, I had that same issue, but it seems that if I swallow or accidentally open my eyes, then it doesn’t affect the rest of the body. The body is still in it’s numb state, and stays that way until I move it.
I don’t know if it’s of any help. But just do what you have to do and carry on, without thinking further about it

Yes, this is a very common problem.
Besides ‘‘don’t think about it’’, I can only give one suggestion:

Lay on your back, since the saliva will flow more naturally + SP occurs more often when lying on your back.

I can’t give you more than this, tho :neutral:
Good luck.