Swedish Lessons

I thought it was Astralfrog! :clown: :rofl:

What about some different fish then?

Fish - Fisk
Trout - Forell
Mackerel - Makrill
Salmon - Lax
Cod - Torsk
Long flounder - Rödtunga
Eel - Ål
Tuna - Tonfisk
Pike - Gädda
Perch - Aborre
Shark - Haj
Goldfish - Guldfisk

Goddag :smile:
Jag ska berätta om vad jag har gjort idag. Jag vaknade tidigt och då hade frukost med en vän. Sedan besökt jag min pianolärare, och sedan gick till en bokhandel och (searched for) några böker, men jag hittade ingen som jag vill köpa. Så åkte jag tillbaka hem och åt smakligt mat.

how’s that?

Good day :smile:
I will tell about what i did today. I woke up early and had breakfast with a friend. Then I visited my piano teacher, and then went to a bookstore and searched for some books, but i found nothing that i want to buy. So i went back home and ate yummy food.

Good! I’ll just make a few corrections:

Jag ska berätta om vad jag har gjort idag. Jag vaknade tidigt och åt frukost med en vän. Sedan besökte jag min pianolärare, och sedan gick jag till en bokhandel och letade efter några böker, men jag hittade ingen som jag ville köpa. Så åkte jag tillbaka hem och åt god mat.

How long have you been talking swedish ?
Noting other than on the forum ?

/me is impressed


/me er imponert (norwegian)

Smaklig could work. It just sounds a bit wierd because it’s not a very common word to use in this context.

About adjectives and objects:

If the object is a word with which you would use ett, or -et, then the adjective ends in a t.
The lion was yellow.
Lejonet var gult
The rabbit was yellow.
Kaninen var gul.

Or like this:

A small piano
Ett litet piano.
A small guitar
En liten gitarr.

The word for food, “mat”, should have adjectives without ts.
Mat - Maten
Smaklig mat
God mat

/me snakker en blanding af svenska och norsk så godt som hver enda dag :tongue:

Here is one kid-song haha:
Huvud, axlar, knän och tår.
Huvud, axlar, knän och tår, knän och tår.
Ögon, öron, kinden klappen får.
Huvud, axlar, knän och tår, knän och tår.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes.
Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes.
Eyes, ears and the cheek the pat get.
Head, shoulder, knees and toes, knees and toes. :content:

If anyone wants to practice their skills in understanding spoken swedish, then I can recommend SVT’s (Sveriges Television) video archives.

Prinsessan och hästen
(The princess and the horse) It’s for deaf children, so the actors use sign language, and then it’s dubbed. It’s very easy to follow.

Prinsessa -Princess
Värld - World
Människa - Human
Äta - to eat
Vem - Who
Här - Here
Häst - Horse
Vill - Want
Man - Man
Men - But
Katt - Cat
Tack - Thank you
Stanna - Stay

Lilla Aktuellt (Little News/Current) The children’s news are interviewing pop singer Håkan Hellström.

Verklig - Real
Finns - Exist
Namn - Name
Barn - Children
Bra - Good
Olycklig - Unhappy
Glad - Happy
Ledsen - Sad
Tycka om - Like
Fråga - Question
Kärlek - Love (not the verb)
Idol - Idol

Svenska Dialektmysterier (Swedish dialect mysteries) A man travels around Sweden and talks about how and why people speak as they do. In this episode, he is in Gothenburg (Göteborg)

Väst - West
Sverige - Sweden
Se - See
Svensk - Swede, swedish
Uttryck - Expression
Vi - We, us
Välkommen - Welcome
Hjärta - Heart
Anlända - Arrive
Kanske - Maybe, perhaps
God - Good
Gubbe - Old man
Från - From
Mentalitet - Mentality
Betydelse - Meaning
Tid - Time
Norge - Norway

You say we can use those codes but how do we use those codes?

instead of:
jag är
you can type
jag aer

Tack, Lanina :happy: detta är hjälpsamt. (är det rätt?)

Thanks, Lanina :happy: that’s helpful. (is it correct?)

Well, I think it’s correct.
You could also say
Det här var hjälpsamt.
(This was helpful)


Whoa, there’s a lot of swedish on this board, I’m just wondering how much swedish you can actually learn from this though… I know a person who needs to learn swedish, maybe I’ll refer him here :smile: I’m swedish too but I just don’t feel like teaching it, I’m too lazy lol.

Dream on. // Olesia

Does anyone know if there is any similar threads but with other languages?

There’s a Dutch one, but it’s in the Dutch forum.
Further I don’t know any…

Det här var en mycket intressant tråd. Jag har hittat en kort liten novell, men jag är rädd att den kan vara lite för svår. Vill ni så kan ni ju prova att översätta stycken så kan vi svenskar rätta eftersom. Glasögon-Fias upplevelser

pryda = to be decorative (sorta)
bilfärd = Drive (not as in the verb, think “a drive”)
Ängar = fields
svischa = to swoosh :razz:
dock = though
ideala = ideal
förhållandet = relationship, condition
sängbordet = the table by the bed
pga. (på grund av) = because of
slarva = neglect
hemsk = terrible
tvål = soap
torrputsa = polish without any liquid
följd = result
skina = shine
glänsa = shine

Enough for now, if there’s a word you don’t understand just check in a dictionary. This one is pretty good

This was a very interesting thread. I’ve found a short novel, but I’m afraid it might be a little too hard. If you want to you can try translating parts of it, and then we Swedes can correct it. Fia-Glasses experiences

The Swedish word order is very strange.

I went to school = Jag gick till skolan

So far, everything fine…


Then I went to school = Sen gick jag till skolan

If you translate word by word into English: “Then went I to school”

I can’t think of more examples right now, but I can assure you that as you start to write more complex sentences, more and more words will have to be thrown around like this. This is one of the biggest problems non-native speakers have with Swedish, and I understand that it’s confusing to them. I think I’ve heard somewhere that some linguists regard the Swedish word order as one of the most confusing there is.

On a sidenote, there is a Swedish novel called “Ett öga rött” where the author uses grammatically wrong Swedish (with what most foreigners would regard a more “natural” word order) throughout all of the book, since the main character is a non-native speaker of Swedish. It’s kinda cool, and this “incorrect” Swedish has become almost a language on its own since about 10% of our population is foreign in origin.

i love sweden. how bout i just move there, ill learn it quicker. anyone willing to let me live with them till i pick up the language and become a freelance translator/guide and spend my days at the airport picking up american customers. or just get a normal job. what is there to do for fun in sweden.

That depends on where in Sweden you’d like to live. If you liv up north, there’s not much of a nightlife. Instead you do “manly” stuff, like kiling polarbears etc. (j/k) But if you live in the middle/southern part you can do more or less the same things that you can do wherever it is you live now.