I was wondering, is there a way to induce or “learn” Synaesthesia?

I associate music (and learning musical theory really helped a lot understanding why the choices), vision, taste, even texture. I’m a big crazy mess. :razz: I usually make associations that are more resonable than most synæsthetes’, so I associate a nickname with the colour of it’s avatar, for example, and when I read the nick again, I kind of feel the colour. (I did that recently, that’s why I’m giving the example.)

Apparently, there are many different types of synæsthesia, and mine is quite a logical one, a kind of intuition mechanism—that means my feelings are often associated with concepts, rather than concrete stuff.

Some people have it wilder, so they just associate letters with colours, and feel the same colours about the same letters all the time (that’s a nice way of spellchecking, it enhances the power of your gestalt intuition).

Also, some things stand out in all my senses. It’s like I had another sense, that highlights stuff. A second image in my head that stops in what’s significant, a sound that is held while I listen to the rest of the phrase, and calls for my attention when it’s finished. It’s like a second mind that only keeps significant things and bring them to me later. I call those things that stand out in my sight and audition echoes.

I hope I’m not sounding confusing or alien to anyone. :razz:

I don’t think it’s been tried…

I’ve never really thought about it, but I guess I do do this. I’ve just really gotten used to it.

The way I associate things is really pretty complicated, everything is interconnected. Sound has a combination of light and color to it - the sharper or more abrupt the sound, the more light it has, and color goes along with tone and vowel sounds. This is how I work with letters - it’s really not the letter that has the color with it, it’s the sound that goes with the letter, which is why I don’t do numbers. A is a red sound, E is a yellow sound, U is a blue sound, etc. S and T are bright letters, L and M are dark letters. It’s really pretty reasonable. The only really strange thing that I notice about this is with the light, in that if it’s very dark and quiet and there’s suddenly a very abrupt sound, I’ll actually see the light for a second.

People and tastes also have associations, but those are trickier to work out. For example, I have an orange friend; and swedish fish taste exactly like the color they are, which has always amused me. There are probably some things I’ve forgotten too.

I decided to merge this into an older topic on the same subject. You may also like to read Tasting colours? (synesthesia) in the lounge forum :moogle:

I have mild synesthesia (a cross-association between senses) - I associate letters and numbers with colors, and sometimes sounds with colors. It used to be a lot stronger when I was really little but its been fading. However, I’ve experienced intense synesthesia in my dreams. Whenever I see letters or numbers, they appear vividly in the colors I associate them with; for example, I recently had a dream where I saw a price tag marked $32. Also in a dream I smelled a strange fruity scent that was orange and fuzzy looking, although I’ve never associated scents with colors or textures IWL.

I find that sometimes just as I’m about to fall asleep, words and objects and feelings that I think about have really bright colors, often somewhat different from what they would normally be IWL.

So I was wondering, are there any synesthetes here who have had similar - or totally different - experiences in NDs or LDs? And are there any non-synesthetes who have experienced anything vaguely synesthetic in a dream?

I heard about this about a year ago and I think I have it, too. Don’t know how I feel about Indigo Children, seems like people are trying too hard to be special, but go figure.

Every letter in the alphabet has a color to me, and if you asked me what color 6 was today and then asked again five years from now, I would still say that it was red. I see those numbers in my head as those colors, but sixes don’t show up red on paper or anything. I just know that it’s red - it’s like very extreme spontaneous association!

Don’t know how this would affect dreams, tho. Might not do anything really. I think for most of us it wouldn’t be uncommon to have a dream every once in a while where everything had an unusual color, anyway.

i think i might be slight syn, i totaly understand when u say that your frind isnt actually green but just is also, just wondering, if the lasst name klein had to be a color, what color do u think it would be?

Interesting, I’ve never actually thought of it but I think I’m kinda a synesthete. I see certain letters and number as colours, like o is dark blue, r is red (go figure), v is purple, etc. I think some of them are just because of the colour names, like y is yellow, r is red, b is blue, and all kinds of them, so that might not be anything. I should think of my sense more when dreaming because truthfully, I don’t really remember much except for what I see and hear when it comes to they. Of course that’s only in NDs, in my half, kinda LD, I could feel the ground and motion, but it felt pretty normal.

Yea, I have Synesthesia too.
It’s mainly in numbers, but I can sense it in other fields too. (letters, weekdays, etc)
When I was younger, I could sense certain FEELINGS,
it’s hard to explain, but for instance, if I saw a movie, so a certain scene had a certain feeling.
Not simple and common feelings like happiness and such, but nameless feelings. XD
I think it faded away for me, (and I actually miss that)
But in my dreams, I think it still happens.
So yea, I think so. :smile:

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Okay okay. I have Synesthesia too. Always have.
Would you believe I was in denial about it? :tongue: It was unbelievably obvious to all my friends as I would play certain pieces and exclaim, “This piece is SO blue!” or playing D minor and saying “It’s like an emerald green. If emeralds were a key, they’d be D minor.” or describing the smell of the piano modules, “It’s like a maroon smell.”
My reasoning for my denial was well, I’m already faceblind, ADD, get psychosis under stress (which has been mistaken for schizophrenia) and other things… What are the odds that I’d have Synesthesia on top of all of that? :tongue:
Different musical keys have different colors and sometimes different personalities (in the exception of F major for some odd reason). Days of the week have different colors, tastes can sometimes have colors, shapes, and sometimes smells.
Every letter has a color and this influences the colors of words as a whole. There are certain dominant letters that can influence the color of the whole word more than others. Some letters are very passive and take on the dominant letter’s color. Some letters when next to another will change to a completely different color. So, usually words have one color or a color that fades into another. Or two distinct colors. It’s rare for a word to have more than that. I can only think of one.
Banana or banana. (It’s actually bugging me that I can’t find the right pink for that “b”)
B and b happen to function differently. “B” is both red and blue at the same time without being purple (so are squares). “b” is red but has a bit more of a passive quality. When letters are at the beginning of a word dominant or not, they will have a bit more influence on the overall color of the word; however, in this case we’re dealing with two other dominant letters and no passive ones. N and A are (uppercase and lowercase) are dominant therefore their colors remain. I’m not sure why b changed colors. Probably because it’s passive and overridden by dominance, but since it’s at the beginning of a word, its color didn’t change completely.
I did not make these rules, these are mere observations, and unchanging ones at that. Now if I write the rest of my post in colors, you can see for yourself.

There’s much more to it than that, but I can go on all day.
On the subject of dreams. Yes, it can get more intense. Especially in the case of music. Not overwhelming though. You’re immersing yourself in the senses and it feels absolutely wonderful. HH can be interesting as well (though not always wonderful, but that’s due to other issues.).

hmm, I think I hgad the wrong idea about Synaesthesia :tongue: I thought you actually SAW sounds and such…

…so is it possible to have synaesthesia just a bit? :lol:
I wouldn’t say I have it, but maybe I did a bit when I was younger? Is that possible? because I have a vague feeling that I’ve been through the whole “that number’s that color” thing :bored:

Although I am not synaestetic in the proper sense, since I was young I have always been fascinated with synaesthesia, among many apparent “oddities” of the human mind.

Mattias, there are such people - I read of one who would see IE triangles moving in midair when someone rang her doorbell, and couldn’t exit her house because of the image overflow she would receive from all the sounds of the city. It’s quite an umbrella term, grouping different kinds, at different levels.

I once read a intelligence test which was based on identifying numbers and shapes with colours - was deeply fascinated by it, since association between senses does allow one to form new, interesting thought patterns that the majority didn’t think of.

I played a bit last year with my friend, trying to associate sounds, colors, textures, smells and tastes with each other - was very fun, and also quite interesting, since our answers weren’t so different form each other. Turns out we’re all a little synaestetic (I’ve yet to find one who guesses that Kiki - Buba shape association wrong), but it’s surely quite different for those who are diagnosed as such :tongue:

i read about this a while back…it was very interesting…somewhat cool XD

yep im in a really old topic but I associate numbers with feelings. For example, 3 feels dark, mad maniacal to me, kinda like the Joker in batman. It will do anything to get bigger and tricks other numbers. 7 is not very bright, slow to understand and not smart. 5 is like a superhero… saving all the other numbers.

I sort of have this, but not quite to that extent. For example, when I think of numbers in my head, and visualize them, I see colors with them, but not necesarily for words. I picture feelings with colors, and senses with colors. And sometimes, I feel something that I can’t quite describe other than with a mental picture of something.

Ehhh…reading your post I kind of think everyone has that. I mean I experience that everyday and I never feel any different from everyone else I know because of it. I think I’m going to ask my friends about it, since Im pretty sure all of them are like that too.

no, definitely not everyone has it. i’ve told people and have got reactions like o_o woah that’s interesting… a lot of people do have it, yes. but definitely not everyone.

I think synaesthesia = visualizing
I feel others with visualizing and by looking to the lower region of the eyes or upper region to the eyes i. Its an equal effect its
I perform rcs and milds throughout the day and use my third eye to dream.

snowden rainforest"]
I think synaesthesia = visualizing
I feel others with visualizing and by looking to the lower region of the eyes or upper region to the eyes i. Its an equal effect its
I perform rcs and milds throughout the day and use my third eye to dream.

Synesthesia =/= visualizing.
That would suggest that the associations were chosen. It’s more like another layer or quality that things just have. A very strong impression. You see it, on a level, you know it, but it’s not consciously visualized. It just IS.

its psycholgical. i feel the air
i am synesthic

Have fun with that.