Tasting colours? (synesthesia)

It’s probably too vague a distinction to expect anyone to be able to put it into words, you and me alike. I imagine it’s like Einstein’s frustration trying to describe the shape, color, and essential form of a swan to his blind friend.

I think I get what you’re saying, but it’s the same thing I think I thought I got at the end of your last post which you insist is wrong, so… discussion dropped, I’m thinking. Hope I wasn’t being too terribly anagonistic or anything.

:lol: You weren’t, and it wasn’t a frustrating discussion, no, but we weren’t getting anywhere either, were we? :tongue:

Does associating school subjects with colors mean i have synæsthesia?

Hmm, interesting; I do that too. The colors are also always the same for me, but different than what you posted. Here is my list:

Math - Red
Science - Green
History - Blue
Reading/English - Yellow

I also like the color that I associate with my name, which seemed to come out of nowhere:


It’s something like that, but not exactly. The name Sonia is just that shade of yellow-orange to me. I’ve also associated letters and numbers with colors, but I don’t think that makes me a synæsthete.

have to shove in my arbitrary values:

English - green
Social Studies - …also green. Sometimes red, though.
Mathematics - Gray
Sciences - Dark Blue
German - Orange/Brown

Math = Blue
English = Yellow
German = White
Biology = Green
Physics = Purple

By the way, the colours are not for the words, they’re for the subjects.

Wow, that about the man tasting his words sounds really weird. I´d be talking to myself constantly :wink: . Anyways, I think synaesthesia is a really interesting topic. And btw, what colours is my name?


Tapir has always been an antique white–ish colour for me. And Martin is very orange. But that’s just me. :smile:

Now I’d like to know what I am. In exchange for that knowledge, I shall tell you what color my mind associates with Bruno.

He’s something like an indigo for me.

Of course, I don’t have synaesthesia, but I can still associate colors with names if I think about them. Like I said already, the name Sonia is something like this, while my username is a completely different color.

BlissfulBlues is kind of an interesting one for me, since I can associate two different colors with the name. When I think of the name in my head, my inner monologue, it is more of a lavender type of color that matches with my avatar.

However, as soon as I typed my username out, it was completely different for me, seeing it written is more of a blue when I see it. No, it’s two blues when I see it! As a whole, in my mind, it is a lavender. When I see it written, I split it up into the Blissful and the Blues.

I’d like to know what Bruno thinks, since he is the synaesthete. :wink:

Oh, and as a sidenote, the name Bruno has always made me think of spaghetti. :tongue: It has nothing to do with the Bruno that we all know, it’s just what I associate with that name for no apparent reason. :tongue:

Blissful is pink and Blues is definately black. (Blue is blue. Blues is black. Most colours are what they are or similar to what they are. But there are a few exceptions, like crimson, lavander and all those weird names…)

Sonia is a grey colour.

/me wonders what’s the point of wanting to know how your name is seen by a weird person :tongue:

After all, anyone can give opinions on that, only my opinions are irrational and most people’s have some underlying reason. Which would make BlissfulBlues a tough name not to label blue…

There are several German pasta commercials where the German tennis star Steffi Graf promotes her Italian Spaghetti cook Bruno.

Guess it´s some horoscope like thing, you get a piece of information that might or might not have a background and try to fit it into the picture you got from yourself. You can always interpret it the way that seems nice. Orange and white? That means I am a warm and friendly yet also intelligent person :wink:
To ask someone who isn´t a synaesthet isn´t as much fun, cause he isn´t so sure about what he says and also cause we understand how he does it, nothing mysterious about it.

But a bit more serious, I also like to check wether different persons think of the same colours. Btw, my girlfriend (hi :smile: ) , who says that she isn´t really a synaesthet but also often associates senses with other senses, thinks that martin is brown and red/orange.

Math - fuschia
Science - blue
History - yellow
Reading - dark blue
English - red

Martin is a light blue. Tapir is a sort of light-yellowish ochre.

You’re synæsthete and lefty? :shock: If you tell me you were taught to write with the right hand, I’ll be scared out of my body! :scared:

Actually it’s really weird… writing and eating are just about the only things I do left-handed; everything else is right-handed. Rather, I can eat right-handed, but it’s uncomfortable. Writing with my right hand takes me ages and almost always comes out unreadable.

I picked my shirt because I thought it tasted like orange sherbert

but that’s because it looks like it!

Edit: Woah, didn’t see there is a second page of discussion here. ehm, just take it as if this post was at the end of the first page :razz:

Mh, not necessarily every cross-sense connection means you are synastaethic.
For example:

Math is red for me. That’s clear, nothing to change about. But if i think about it i have to realize that my first math classbooks (< does this word exist? I think about the thin ones to write in, how are they named in english?) were red.

Same thing for example for Sonia. Sonia is clearly a yellow name. But, thinking about it, I make the connection in German: Sonne (That’s sun) is written similar to Sonja/Sonnja/Sonnia (That’s the german equivalent of the name.) It also sounds similar in german. Therefore the connection.

So: You don’t have it, if the effect is limited. I think there is no fixed border. But to a synasthaetic, the effect will occur everytime with every word or thing or… whatever. It’s remarkable, and there seems not to be a clear sense behind it. Also, they don’t have to think about it.

If i think “hmm, what color could “french” as a subject have?” my subconcious will give me a color, be it based on something or just random.

Synasthaetics also connect other senses (though colors are common). One could associate a taste with a feeling. “Uh, that tastes rather silky/pointed/hard” or “that feels sour/sweet/bitter.”

Anyways, it would interest me to try in my dreams. i could ask my subconciousness to show me why french seems blue to me. g

And a question: Do capital letters make a difference?

is “Marc” different from “marc” or “mArC” ? (and what color is it anyways, that’s my name :razz:)

^^ i get really interested in such things ^^

I first heard someone saying that a color tastes like something is on The Simpson’s and on Family Guy. It happens to me, sometimes when I drink something I say ‘This tastes like blue’.

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edit: haha, okay, i hadn’t seen the last 3 posts, posts before that were of 2006,

i know there have been topics on this, but they died ages ago, but anyway, i’ve fairly recently become interested in synesthesia, which is, mixing of senses, i have read somewhere that it is comparable to seeing auras in the way that all young children possess the ability, but unlearn it(or desensitize from it) around the age of 4(at least, 1999 out of 2000), so i took a test for it last monday, did not expect to have syn, but got these results:
Element 1. Round 2. Round Value
A Blue Blue RIGHT
J Yellow Yellow RIGHT
U Brown Brown RIGHT
R Orange Orange RIGHT
E Yellow Yellow RIGHT
G Green Green RIGHT
M Blue Green OK
8 Green Green RIGHT
3 Orange Orange RIGHT
2 Blue Blue RIGHT
Tue Red Yellow FALSE
Thu Green Orange FALSE
Sept Blue Blue RIGHT
7 Green Yellow OK

and tested it again today, with these results:

Element 1. Round 2. Round Value
A Blue Blue RIGHT
J Green Green RIGHT
U Brown Brown RIGHT
R Orange Blue FALSE
E Yellow Yellow RIGHT
G Green Green RIGHT
M Blue Green OK
8 Orange Blue FALSE
3 Orange Orange RIGHT
2 Yellow Yellow RIGHT
Tue Yellow Yellow RIGHT
Thu Red Red RIGHT
Sept Blue Red FALSE
7 Blue Blue RIGHT

which was a shock, seeing as most colors match up pretty darned well, especially considering i do not usually associate colors with letters, (having read older topics, i suppose bruno can talk about this XD)

I was watching a TV show on science channel about synesthesia people.

They said that when someone or something make’s a sound you can see the colors with that sound. Like School, the first letter is Green the o’s are gray and the l is yellow or something like this.

When the person tasted something bitter, they saw gray or something like that.

So do you actually see the colors? If you don’t then you might not have synesthesia.