Technique to summon creatures or people

A lot of people have trouble finding a certain person they want to meet in some LD. Some time ago, I came up with a method that I and LD4all member Wyvern have used to summon people and creatures, and it has proved unusually fruitful. So I am sharing it here.

The technique exploits an expectation in real life that when you’re touched by someone you can’t see, you will turn around and expect to see that person there. This also works in dreams. Simply expect the person or creature to make contact with you from the side or behind where you can’t see, and once you turn that way, the person will be there. In short,

Stop and hold out your hand slightly to the side, and expect the person you want to take your hand from behind. Then, once you feel a hand slide into your hand, turn around, and the person will be there.


Stop and expect someone to knock his hand on your shoulder. toc toc When you feel the knock, turn around, and the person you’re expecting will be there.

The technique is enhanced if you expect the touch to also feel like it’s coming from whatever person you’re summoning. For instance, expecting a certain texture of the hand or warmth helps a lot.

Hopefully, this technique will aid people in summoning others in their dreams. If you are successful with this technique, please post a link to your DJ dream in this topic!

I’ve heard of the shoulder tap but I’m intrigued by the hand in hand. Might be an easier way to get a hold of The Doctor. He’s quite allusive what with him traveling time and space and whatnot.

This seems like a more portable version of the summoning technique I use, where I expect my target to be around a corner.

oh my gosh, i can’t believe it :happy: i was reading this and after like 5 sentences i was all like “so i can finally get a hold of the Doctor in a dream” :happy: and i thought, cause quickly grasping someone’s hand is soooo his style… and the next reply was about the Doctor :happy: i am loooooving this forum, i am.

whos the doctor? :bored:

see, i can never tell if that’s a joke or you’re for real (cause he’s called Doctor Who, haha). well… if you really don’t know, just try and find out yourself i guess :smile:

This guy

yep, that guy :smile:

anyway, wow! MILD worked for me on my first try… after a few terribly failed WILD attempts i wasn’t so sure, but now i think MILD is just the best. and this summoning technique is awesome!! this was sort of my first lucid-lucid dream (like, i’ve had LDs, but i never knew what to do in them… i’d just stand and stare at how realistic everything is xD)… today was the first time that i had a goal - after reading this post :smile: it’s amazing, it worked so well! i got lucid, jumped around for a while (happy :lmao: ) and then i tried stretching out my hand and summoning the Doctor :smile: the first time it didn’t work very well, there was some similar guy, but i could tell it’s not him… tried again (and i’ll say that it’s very important to state EXACTLY what you want - for me i had to even say which Doctor character i want :smile: cause there’s 11… as you see in the pic above…)… and i turned around and there he was, smiling at me :happy: that was unbelievable :happy:

however, i also think it’s a very important thing to make a goal… since my goal was to summon him, i sort of lost lucidity right after i got there and met him. well, not too bad though, afterwards it all turned into a very fun ND together with my summoned friend :wink:

anyway, i can’t believe it worked like that on my first try! this is the first ever technique i’ve tried in LD-ing too :smile: no flying, no anything else, this is the first thing :smile: so i gotta say… this rocks :happy:

actually, i awoke at 5 myself, and needed to write down the dream, so i decided i would attempt WBTB too. but i guess i was just too excited :happy: couldn’t even fall asleep after that…

Congrats. I’m happy it worked. I’m suspecting that this technique is actually, like the nose RC, pretty work-most-of-the-time.

might be! although the funny thing - i felt that he took my hand, but… when i turned around, he was just standing there, not holding it anymore :tongue: interesting :smile: but i guess as long as it work, who cares how it works :happy: congrats on making something really cool, and thanks for sharing especially :smile:

the nose check… i don’t know, is it like that? weird thing - i use RCs all the time in real life, but… i’ve never once used it in an LD. i just realise it’s an LD all of its own somehow. and the nose RC always seemed fishy to me… sometimes even IRL for a short time i kinda feel like i’m breathing even through a plugged nose, it’s weird :tongue:

hmmmm… I found this very interesting. I think about the person before I dream, but I specifically say to myself, “(insert name) is going to be in my dream tonight.” Its a bit of a hit and miss sometimes, so I’m hoping that this will work better. I have a question thought; a weird one at that. When you summon that person, is it just your mind, or is it truly them? and how can you test to see if its them? I have a few theories, but I would love to hear a bit more feedback on this one.

I might just try this next time I have a lucid dream, I just recently got into watching doctor who, and I have to say the 3rd to last doctor would probably be my favorite from the group.
Does anyone know when they shot the first season of the new doctor who? The episodes with the doctor in the black leather jacket? (3rd row farthest to the left)

The Ninth Doctor, of course, Varien. I miss Eccleston! D: I don’t know when they did, sorry. But it’s actually been a while since I’ve tried summoning anyone. I guess my focus has more been getting myself places or looking for people around corners. I completely forgot about this technique. I might go looking for the Tenth Doctor again with this technique.

I just watched my first doctor who episodes today, and ended up becoming so engrossed in it I actually watched the whole first season…and a few of the second. While I was watching it though, I managed to figure out when they shot it. Rose was 19 in the first season (still is in the second to my knowledge), and she makes a comment about being 26 in “this timestream” when the year is 2012. Ergo, they shot it in '05. Looked it up, and I was right :content:
It’s strange though, when I looked at these pictures I thought the 9th and 10th doctor looked a bit…goofy. Now that I’ve watched part the second season though, I’m having difficulties determining whether the tenth or ninth doctor is my favorite. Funny how pictures can do that :neutral: