That’s hot :wink:.

if you can move a car with your mind, you can stop a bullet. no military/police nut is ever going to touch you again. you can also move camera and cameraman across 4 time zones with powers like that.

if you think about it, a person with powerful enough tk abilities can do anything. no weapon in the world would be able to touch you. nukes, no problem. radiation, no problem. lasers, no problem. chem/bio weapons, no problem. they are all based on some form of matter. you can just make a shield around you out of the surrounding air, thick enough to hold back whatever, and hold it there. think of the possibilies. you could be like superman, only better! and not allergic to cryptonite :tongue:

hey wait a minute. maybe god is just some random human with insanely powerful tk abilities? someone like that would easily be able to hold back aging and other things that make you “mortal”, so it would be possible, in theory…

Watching a David Blaine marathon on TLC. It kinda reminded me of this thread :content:

Wow I must of skipped this thread while I was grounded…

Yes Lunatic has helped me quite a deal. I HAVEN"T HEARD FROM YOU IN FOREVER! COME ON MAN, WE GOTTA PRACTICE!

anyways, I can spin a psiwheel and move a straw, and bend line hanging from a desk or table, I can do it under a bowl so no air can get to it, I can twitch pencils, and all that crap. I can do Telepathy, empathy, tk, pk, and of course psi balls. I’d like to recommend, and for begginners, and PPsociety, has a great deal of movies. They are all quite good, and there is this one woman who can move things up to a pound…let me find that link…Yes I found it. This is a russian woman, who, I think was an expert at tk. Enjoy…

wow, getting skilled eh redifin :wink:

yes that russian woman also died from over practicing…

These would be my conditions for a video:

-arms, legs, hands and feet must be in view at all times (a clear table would be used)

-a clear bowl or similar object must be placed over object being moved (but not from the start, it must be placed over it during the demo recording)

-must open and show hands (fingers must be spread) from all angles, and hands must stay above the table at all times right from the start

-short sleeved shirt only

-the object to be moved would be a clear object, like a tupperwear lid, test tube, petri dish, or one of those small plastic tubes that ice cream sprinkles come in

-the object should be moved in a manner that indicates it is not being moved by vibrations from sound or the table being shaken manually (doubt that would be a problem). Preferrably, it would be moved upwards (like lifting one end) or spun around (no sound is going to spin a circular object like a petri dish!)

That person only “moved” metallic objects, or objects that metallic objects could’ve been placed inside. Since it was on a regular table… I really don’t think it was anything more than plain old magnetism at work.

It’s not that I don’t believe something like this isn’t possible… it’s that I believe there are lots of people out there who’d like me to believe that they can for their own posterity.

If you don’t think people would do that, then just think back to all the fake codes for video games that have circulated around the internet…

Sure, When I get good I will, I’ll keep that in mind. :wink:

Hmm… Back to that million dollar reward, I know someone that can move chairs (havent seen it, but trust it)
across rooms. Heck, that was only after about 9 months of practice for him. He’s had about 3 years now. I wonder if that would be enough for the reward.

I have a few things to say.

  1. I read something that someone posted. It was something like, 'Well, why don’t scientists study this."
    Well, that’s because A. Scientists are skeptical people, and B. Science can’t study what it can’t even begin to explain.

  2. Though I am open minded and do believe in telekinesis and things of the sort (Most likely because I’ve done telekinesis before and seen my brother do it before), I do like to look at evidence, such as video evidence with a skeptical air. For example, the hovering quarter trick on PsiPog could easily be done with magnets, for the quarter never actually left the left. The toothpick could be done with magnets, again.

  3. I want to tell you that anyone can do this on any scale under the right conditions because it’s hardwired in our brains, somewhere (if you think scientists have got the brain completely mapped out, your **** wrong. If you ever want to set aside a few hours of your day wherein you have complete peace and quiet, all you have to do is concentrate on moving something.
    Here’s a little something you can try at home. You’ll need a half inch ish piece of thread, a clear bowl, a plastic plate or something very smooth, and a marker. You’ll also need someplace comfortable with a desk or something nearby (bed and night stand?)
    Step One: Make a line with the marker on your flat plastic whatever.
    Step Two, place the thread as perfectly parallel to the line, maybe an inch or two away.
    Step Three: Place hollow of the bowl over the thread and things (making a dome. Der).
    Step Four: Lay down and here is were the actual moving comes into play. What you have to be able to do is meditate unswayingly on that piece of thread; not in the position it is in now, but the posistion you want it to be in (we want the thread to complement the line you drew). Also, we meditate on each posistion it has to go throught to get to that final position, effectively making a pictograph of the thread moving from it’s current position to it’s end position.

I’ll tell you something even cooler. If you yourself can, over a few days, chopping the time of meditation down smaller and smaller determine that it takes you half an hour to move the thread; a group of four people of your same mental ability could meditate on the same thought you meditated on, toghether acheiving the telekenetic moving of the thread in about eight minutes. Cool, eh?

Cool, but that’s novice, and boring over time. I started with a psi wheel, and I’m now moving paper across the floor, ten feet away I might add.

Gee, no, Redifin, moving a tiny piece of thread is totaly left for the experts sarcasm :spinning:


I think I’ll start fooling around with telekinesis again. After meditations, I’ll see what I can do…

:happy: Hey! Telekinesis! I’m so into the whole metaphysical. But, considering that there has not been a single valid account of actual telekinesis, I don’t know what to think. I also consider that humans only use about 10% of their brain capacity, so when you look at all we can do with just 10% it makes the sense of wonder on telekinesis (or any kinetics for that matter) all the more feasible.

But–and this is a big BUT–considering humans are just as unique and different as fingerprints, we probably all (in general) use somwhere around 10% of our brain capacity, but different people use differnt parts of their brain. So, let’s say one guy is very talented in many aspects of art and another guy is talented in math and science; the art guy may use more percentage of his right brain, while the math guy may use more percentage of his left brain.

Either way, there is still a lot about the human mind we have yet to learn. Just because we haven’t found any plausible proof of telekinesis does not mean there is no such thing. After all, absence of evidence does not correlate with evidence of absence. :wink:

I had a dream once where I was doing telecineses, I would do it by shifting the angale of how I would look at it, but It seemed like a power that I had forgoten about, in a past life or something.

Domi Li -

We use all of our brains, not just 10% :tongue:
That’s just an old myth to satirize how silly people can be sometimes :wink:

:eek: Are you serious?

I stand corrected–and as of now, my speech is now void :content:.

Forget what I said–as you were; carry on… :wink:

That ten percent of our brain thing is techniacally true. It tells of how the average person utilizes just ten percent of his/her consciousness; the conscious mind, while the other ninety percent lies in the subconscious and superconscious mind…

:confused: O…kay…

Well, in that case forget what I just said and go back to what I said before that :smile:.

And my speech is no longer void–it is, as of now, valid again :wink:.

We only use about 10% of our brain at a time, but when we do different tasks different parts of the brain is used. At the end of the day I’d say almost every part of the brain was used. And as chilla said, the brain is doing things that we are not controlling, ex. like keeping our hearts pumping.