Ten people to talk to in a coffee shop in your dream

Charlemagne, “Karl the great” actually lived in Aachen (Aix-la-chapelle in french) - though i don’t know what he spoke in his time, i never found a sign of french being spoken in Aachen in the past. But who knows :razz: (I used to live there ^^) Maybe he spoke both old-german and old-french or just a mixture :smile:

Ten people… uhm, that’s difficult.

Really existing human beings

Immanuel Kant - To finally understand his genious ethic system.

Descartes - I admire his thoughts too and it would be really interesting to talk to him.


God of course - However, i would not dare to look at him or to ask a question. I would just wait if he has something to tell me or not.

My own subconcious - never managed to do that…

My spirit/dreamguide - I met him once, but we exchanged only one or two phrases. I want to know who he really is.

Non-existing/fantasy characters

Albus Dumbledore for he’s just so incredibly interesting.

Auron of Final Fantasy X - If you’ve played the game, you’ll know why.

My two roleplay characters -
One of them i know perfectly already, but it would be great to talk to him, anyways.
I never understood the other one, even after impersonating him for years in roleplay. And as he is some really bad guy it could be a frightening experience. So count them both as two people.

There is one of ten left, but i dont want to fill this space with “just someone”. Don’t know yet :smile:

Random ten people who come from random ages and realitys. Why? because every single person in this world have their own perspective and thoughts about almost every subject. Because the best way to learn something new is by stopping to attach to your old ways of thinking. Because that those people - those people who never led countries, those people who never wrote masterpieces - those people are a fountain of un-hatched ideas. Those people may or may not be able to show you new ideas about the universe, but they can, for certain, show you a new way of thinking, or inspire you for one.

And that’s what this world is about - the most important thing is how you think, what some people call attitude - if you think you are better than everyone else, it doesn’t really matter what your other thoughts are - they can’t be half as “good” as those of a person who sees everyone as equals, or those of a person who doesn’t even think of people in terms of >, < and =.

From the present, I’d like to get the truth out of some politicians. George Bush jr or snr would maybe be good enough. I’d ask who they take their orders from and what the plan is. You all know what I’m talking about.

From the future, I’d want to talk to scientists, to learn about out current misconceptions. Also about medicine and technology. I would also like to talk to an historian from the future to see how things will turn out.

From the past, I’d like to hear stories told by ancient people. Legends and such. Their way of life. Preferably far away cultures that live close to nature. Where exactly is not important, nor is when. But before history is always a good time.

From literature, I think it would be fun to hang around wizards from the Discworld. They are quite funny.

The meetingplace could be Bohemian Grove, a good timeless place.

Great and all but hey, how about post your list of ten now?

I haven’t posted in awhile. This topic caught my attention though. I want to meet these people. (i’m sure I will sometime)

  1. The Buddha
  2. Carl Sagan
  3. Stanley Kubrick
    well the first three were quite easy to come up with. I’ve been sitting here awhile now.
  4. Rene Margritte
  5. Natalie Portman
  6. Terry Gilliam
  7. Hitler?
  8. Ingmar Bergman
  9. George Orwell
  10. Kafka

I’m happy with my list. I covered what’s important to me. religion, art, politics, love, etc.

Hehe Natalie Portman, she seemed really cute in Leon with Jean Reno

Natalie is b-e-a-utiful.

Apart from Putin, I tried to choose dead people since in my dream is probably the only place I’ll get to talk to them.

I don’t think I could choose ten people, just because that speaking with anyone when you are prepared to speak with them pretty much removes the interest (In a dream; you know what will happen.)

But if I had to choose, I’ll take a number of people you might not know: Sergey brin, Yitzhak Rabin, Einstein, Ali larigiany, Dostoyevski [I think]

No special order, I just feel compelled to those people.

You surprised me here. You know your stuff! I’m very impressed. Am I predicting a history major here? Wouldn’t it be a little awkward being in a 1 on 1 conversation with Hitler? At such a casual setting as a coffee shop?! hah.

This talk about Hitler reminded me of an interesting character. Namely Alistair Crowley, who Hitler knew and found creepy, or scary, I forget what exactly, but still, someone having that effect on Hitler, combined with his own biography, is someone unusual indeed.

Haha, someone who creeped out Hitler. I imagine that would be a weird fellow.

hmm never thought of this one.
uh I guess I’ll just throw out some random names

  1. Musashi Miyamoto author of the book of five rings
  2. Bruce Lee, who wouldn’t want to talk to bruce lee
  3. Helio Gracie, hes not dead but I don’t think I’ll make it to brazil before he kicks the bucket lol
  4. Rene Descartes, I’ve never actually had a discussion with anyone about the I think therefore I am bit but It would be fun.
  5. The Buddha, that would be pretty interesting.
  6. Myself, I wonder how I apear when I’m talking to friends and such from outside of my body.
  7. Sun Tzu, the man was an effing war genious nuff said
  8. Dante (can’t spell his last name lol starts with an A), discuss the meaning his works and the importance of Virgil
  9. Myself if I had been an only child
  10. Dr. Haha Lung, the author of many great books dealing with the human mind and martial arts.

wow I thought of ten my brain realy has outdone itself this time :tongue:

You do me too much honour, :smile: but I’m just a fan of history.
Hehe I guess it might be a bit weird, but coffee shop has always been the place of conversation for me lol.

Here is my list…

Stephen King
Edgar Allan Poe
Christopher McCandless
Elie Wiesel
Andrew Jackson
Paternal Grandmother
Henry Clay
John C. Calhoun
Franklin D. Roosevelt
The Grey Man

lol…alistair crowley
He’s somehow connected with the Beatles (or so the conspiricies go)
However, his face IS on the cover of the Sgt. Pepper album.

bob marley
jimmy hendrix
the dhali lhama
joanof arc
monty python
zaphod beetlebrox
& michella strachan

These first few are actually a group that i would like to interact a little with but mainly just sit in on and listen to them carry on a conversation amongst themselves:

  1. My subconscious, i imagine he would be quite insightful and also theres a few questions i’d like to ask him
  2. Myself when i was 3, i remember a few instances from this time period where i had moments of clarity that surprise me even now and i’d like to see what i was like back durring a time that i remember little about
  3. My ideal self, don’t know why but i’d like to meet him on my path to becoming him
  4. Myself as i am now for the simple pleasure of trying to outsmart myself and possibly see who would win in a fight

These others i’d just like to meet one on one:
5. Julius Caesar, the man behind the legend
6. Catullus, to ***-slap him for writting so many horrible, whiny poems about lesbia and thus causing me to have to translate them in class
7. Solomon, the wisest man to have ever lived, maybe learn a few things from him
8. John D. Rockefeller, quite possibly the richest man to have ever lived, who doesn’t need financial advice?
9. da Vinci, not becuase of the da Vinci Code but because of all the amazing things he designed and/or created
10. Finally i’d like to meet myself from when i’m on my deathbed, to know all the things i’d regreted and have the chance to correct them

Half of the people i want to meet are different forms of myself, and that may be a little conceited but i know so very little about myself and i think it’d be good to learn more.
Also i dont know if you would call what i have written deep, but if you would i’d just like to say it’s a little out of charecter:

this is what you would ussually expect from me, (yes i quoted myself)

Yes ommbalawah, Monty Python is definitely one of mine too.

Frank Zappa
Jim Morrison
John Lennon

Fictional Character:
Holden Caulfield

ol monty python

the good thing about a dream coffee shop is that you can dream yourself a whole new bunch of people the next night

a chat with Japhy Ryder from the dharma bums would be interesting