Ten people to talk to in a coffee shop in your dream

ol monty python

the good thing about a dream coffee shop is that you can dream yourself a whole new bunch of people the next night

a chat with Japhy Ryder from the dharma bums would be interesting

  1. Dane Cook. Like me in 400 ways.
  2. Einstien.
  3. Plato.
  4. Confucious
  5. George Bush slaps him
  6. The person who had the original idea for Earthbound.
  7. The person who had the original idea for LSD (also known as Lucid Dreaming: The video game. Not really. But that’s what the game is..
  8. A man from 200 years in the future. A normal man.
  9. Ray Bradbury
  10. George Orwell! Of all people, he’s one of the highest.

:clap: :clap: :clap: Earthbound!!

That LSD game looks insanely cool as well.

Now I’m really intrigued. Where can I get that LSD game?!

sigh Okay, I feel compelled to jump in (as I do whenever anyone mentions LSD)

Simply: You cannot get it, sorry.
Less simply: You could track down a real copy - it was produced once in 1998, released only in Japan, and didn’t sell well at all - or, more easily, track down a ROM from one of the perhaps three websites acknowledging it. The most enthusiastic is probably FacePunch Studios’ recent thread on it, followed by Select Button’s less recent foray into LSD, and then the most comprehensive (and also Japanese) site I don’t know the name of. I’d provide links, but I can’t be bothered now; a quick Google search should reveal all (I mean, it’s not like they’re lost in a torrent of information :neutral: ).

The game is noted for being:

  • Scary - very much so, in a bizarre way that is almost inexplicable, since there isn’t any explicit violence*.
  • Incomprehensible
  • Hard to get into
  • Bad, graphics-wise - as most games were for the PSX in 1998…

OH AND LSD IS NOT A RECENT GAME FOR THE PC IT IS A 1998 GAME FOR THE PSX THE GAME IS NOT FOR YOU IF YOU CANNOT UNDERSTAND THIS SIMPLE FACT excuse me. Enough people expect the graphics to be good and then decry the entire game when they discover they’re not that I felt I had to say this.

I’d tell you about how the game itself works if it were not for the facts that
A) An interesting thing about the game is that it has nigh-endless list of things to show you. Any lists would be incomplete and would not accurately capture what happens in this game. That is to say, the game is confusing as… you get the idea.
B) I’m too scared to play it myself apart from a few dream’s worth when I first got ahold of it. My appearance of expertise on the game sort of shrivels and dies at this point.

And as to not be offtopic, in no particular order:

  1. Socrates
  2. My “omega” self - who I will be just before I die
  3. Hitler
  4. Both of my grandfathers (unfortunately deceased just after I was born)
  5. Einstein
  6. J.R.R. Tolkien
  7. My subconscious
  8. Leonardo da Vinci - Just playing Rise of Legends today and was reminded of him. (If you’ve never played RoL before, just ignore it)
  9. Ghandi
  10. Arthur Dent

*[spoiler]Disregarding the corspes in “Violence Town” and the, ah, events that occur elsewhere…[/spoiler]

I looked into that game a bunch and it looks awesome! I’m going to look in a moment here where to download it. It’s too bad you can only really get it through Japanese auctions. Supposed to be really expensive as well.

It’s downloading, can’t wait to play it! After seeing some videos of it I know it’s a game I will spend a lot of time playing.

Question about it-if you are in the same “level”, does it matter what you touch that decides where you go next, or is it all linear and it takes you to the same place regardless of what you touch?

That was kind of difficult to word. :neutral:

everyone one from friends, obviously.

Oscar Wilde, because he would be hilarious.

The first (or one of the first) true human beings

David Mitchell

Plato, because he would add a sense of profundity. and also the look on Joey’s face every time he opened his mouth would be classic.

That’s a good one. Friends is such a great show.

plus, they’d be there anyway, so I won’t have to go to any great lengths summoning them

Lots of mine are from other people’s posts :wink: In no particular order.

  1. Claudio Sanchez, leader of my favorite band (his hair alone is an inspiration, look him up on Google images and you’ll see what I mean!)
  2. God
  3. Jesus
  4. My current self
  5. My future self
  6. My subconscious
  7. My spirit guide
  8. A random guy from 2000 (not 200 :content: ) years into the future
  9. George Lucas
  10. I have a tenth person but it’s kind of…personal :wink:

John Lennon
Jim Morrison
Brian Jones
Keith Moon
Bob Dylan

  1. Fermat, to see if he really did have a proof
  2. Link
  3. Beethoven
  4. Bach
  5. Liszt
  6. Andrew Wiles, to see what it is like to prove Fermat’s Last Theorem
  7. Alexander Hamilton, to get an evaluation of our country’s direction
  8. Glenn Gould
  9. Obi-Wan Kenobi
  10. A certain old friend

Keith Moon is amazing.

Ahh Friends, i LOVE that show! :smile: Good idea!


  1. Karl Marx - let him ecplain then kill him bec. i think communism cant work at all.
  2. Josef Stalin - “” “” “” “”
  3. Hitler - let his idea explain and then also kill him bec. he was not good for germany.
  4. Friedrich Engels - like Marx.
  5. Che Gueverra - i wanted to ask if the communism was the right for Cuba and the freedom.
  6. Freddy Krueger - Ask him how i can get control over my Lds and enter in other ND
  7. Lecter - and have a meal with him (xDDDDD)
  8. Slug - The rapper from “Atmosphere” - I love his tracks.
  9. Otto Waalkes - a comedian in Germany
  10. PAUL THOLEY - It hink you know ^^

Uhh yeah.

This is James in the future! Don’t reply to Lizard King!

  1. Stevie Ray Vaughan
  2. Steward Copeland – for making the awesome Spyro 1 soundtrack
    3 + 4) Ren & Stimpy
  3. Jack Nicklson (he plays the perfect jack@$$)
  4. Invader Zim
  5. Alucard (from Hellsing, not Castlevania)
  6. Aleister Crowley
  7. Hitomi Takahashi (A Japanese pop singer. You can find her songs on Youtube.)
  8. A female version of myself – my feminine side! Then she could explain to me how female lifeforms think & operate, so I’ll always know what girls are really saying. MWAH HA HA HA!

Note: We would probably only be in the coffee shop for a few minutes. Then I would ask them “Hey insert character, how ya doing? Let’s blow sh*t up!” Then we’d continue our conversation laughing as we crush & explode stuff with giant robots and/or rocket launchers.

Hm. I’d like a humorous conversation with a side of serious

  1. Zach Braff- But he would have to playing as J.D. from Scrubs, otherwise I won’t talk to him
  2. Jesus Christ- Just to know what it’s like to be awesomer than Chuck Norris
  3. God- Know the answer of life
  4. Bigfoot- Get a signed autograph from him. Take some pictures. And I become rich for discovering the truth about him
  5. Jessica Alba- I don’t really need to explain
  6. An IM friend- I want to see him in person one day…
  7. Einstein- He his smart
  8. Some random guy from 100 years ago- Show him how much technology has improved
  9. Some random guy from 100 years in the future- to tell me about the future
  10. A comedian I once saw on TV- I saw him on TV once…I would like to meet him. He was the funniest comedian that I’ve ever seen(I don’t know his name)

It would be the 1) main religion characters, like Jesus Christ, Buddha, etc. (not that buddhism is a religion more than it is a philosophy of life, I know that)
I would ask them what really happened and what’s rather a lie/rumour.
And I’m actually not religious at all, but it would be interesting to hear it from those characters/people directly (even if it’s my subconscious).

Other than that, I would wanna talk to 2) a few of my friends. 100% honest, with no restraints. Talk about how they feel… Of course assuming it’s a shared dream.

3) My spirit guide - well, people say everyone has a spirit guide. I’ve never met mine.
4) A random person from 15 years into the future - I would ask them if the 2012 prophecy is all bs. Hmm… On the other hand, no, I shouldn’t know that. I couldn’t live with that kind of knowledge, it would be too much… But it’s so, so tempting…