Text to speech program? help

Where can i find a program that converts anything i type into speech?

Well if you have Windows, you can go to the Control panel, then select sounds, speech and audio devices, then select Speech, then hit the tab for Text to Speech. Then you can select the voices or accents from the dropdown box, type what you want in the preview box, then hit preview to hear it. Hope that makes sense. Don’t know if it will help you with whatever you need it for, but it’s always fun to mess around with. I love making Microsoft Sam go “lololololol”.

download.com offers several free text to speech programs :cool:

Are you sure? I can’t find anything of the sort, i found sounds but no program. Thanks though, and perhaps i’m not looking hard enough.

Thanks Siiw

Mac OSX has one built in. Go to System Preferences -> Universal Access. It’s called VoiceOver.

Windows has something similar built in also. It’s in the control panel somewhere, just do a search for it.

As for Linux, I would recommend a program called Festival. You should be able to find it in the synapsis manager and it should install automatically.

Ya i’m trying to find it in the control panel without luck.
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